Makeup Primers

If your skin tends to by dry and flaky, especially during the colder months, applying foundation can be difficult, because your foundation will concentrate on the dry patches and make your face look splotchy. Makeup primer actually fills in and smoothes out the dry patches and flaky skin and leaves a silky, soft surface so that your foundation not only glides on evenly, but stays on much longer. If your skin is oily, a good makeup primer will minimize the appearance of pores by filling them in, giving your face a smooth, soft surface to absorb your makeup. It will reduce shine and your makeup will stay put. Makeup primer, as the name suggests, it is evident that it is one of the cosmetics used for enhancing one’s makeup. Makeup primer is a product that has been used by professional make up artists for years.

Makeup primer is a cosmetic designed to smooth and conceal fine lines and uneven skin texture. Much like primer for painting, it ensures that a person has a smooth, even, uniformly colored surface on which to apply cosmetics, and helps them adhere properly to the skin. It’s generally made from materials such as waxes, polymers, and silicone, and often contains extra ingredients for SPF protection. There are both tinted and transparent varieties of makeup primer. The tinted kind comes in a variety of colors, and is used to cover subtle age spots or discolorations on the face. People should choose tints about one shade lighter than their natural skin tone, since the product can look too thick or mask-like when combined with a foundation of a similar color. Some primers feature bold colors like lavender, green, blue, and yellow. When used under foundation, yellow tints help conceal blue shadows under the eyes, while green shades hide red marks. Lavender and blue liven up yellow skin. Transparent primers don’t affect the color of skin as much as tinted ones, but can improve its appearance by moisturizing it and filling in wrinkles. People who like a very light layer of makeup often wear transparent formulas under a light dusting of powder and blush for a casual look. For the application, users should start by prepping the skin with a gentle cleanser followed by a moisturizer. After the moisturizer dries, the makeup primer can be applied either with the fingers or a sponge. Many people start by gently spreading a thin layer over shiny areas like the forehead, nose, and chin, and then covering the rest of the face. Using a gentle swiping motion helps prevent big splotches of color and uneven application. After the primer dries for several minutes, any other makeup, such as foundation, blush, eyeshadow, or lipstick can be applied as usual.

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