Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

The right kind of eye make up can make a woman look gorgeous and desirable beyond words. Eye make up can be magical in the sense that it can make the same woman look mysterious, cute, dramatic, crazy, etc with just one stroke of a brush. If you are a blue eyed beauty , then there are plenty makeup ideas for you. But you must know first that the tone and shade of your blue eyes play an important role in choosing the correct shade that help enhance the overall look. Women with a fair tone and light blue eyes should go in for lighter shades of color. The darker shades will take over your natural color and hence give a made up look. Dark blue eyes should try darker shades of eye shadows, mascara and eye liners. And below are some makeup ideas for blue eyes that might can gives you a new inspiration.

Eye Shadow; choosing correct eye shadow for blue eyes is one of the most important techniques of eye makeup ideas for blue eyes. Eye shadows help in creating depth and giving accent to your blue eyes. It is very important to choose the right eye shadow colors for blue eyes, as they will help in making your eyes stand out. You should choose shades of brown, dark brown taupe, charcoal, copper, pink, lilac, gray, camel, silver or gold. The silver or gold eye shadow for blue eyes will look stunning on blue eyes and bring out the natural essence of blue eyes. You should use blue eye shadow, only if you have dark blue eyes or else you will end up with a faded look in your natural eye color. Fuschia ot turquoise are great eye shadow colors for blue eyes, during the daytime. If you have blue eyes and blond hair, then you can try violets and lavender shades of eye shadow for blue eyes. You can add a light lavender above the eye crease to create a dramatic look for the evenings. A little gold shimmer added as a finishing touch is one of the great makeup ideas for blue eyes and red hair women.

Makeup ideas for blue eyes with eye liner: Eyeliner is an important part of eye makeup for blue eyes. It is advisable that you use dark shades of eyeliners. This is because the darker shades highlight the blue eye color well. Colors like chocolate brown, charcoal gray, black, olive green, and dark blue work best. It should be kept in mind that the eyeliner color should highlight the eye color and not draw attention to itself. You may also experiment with golden, silver and mint green to bring out the color.

Lastly, the mascara should be kept as minimal as possible for blue eyes. Stick to the basic black or experiment with a dark blue mascara shade for your blue eyes. The mascara should have a rich color and should be smudge-proof and water-proof for long-lasting results.

These were some makeup ideas for blue eyes that can make you look so stunning. Experiment with different makeup ideas for blue eyes and narrow down to color shades that look great on you. You can always treat the beholders eyes with some stunning makeup for blue eyes that make you gorgeous.