Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you’re a woman who have brown eyes, it means you’re blessed. Brown eyes are one of the best eye colors which can be enhanced with the right makeup. Women with brown eyes can try all possible shades of eye makeup, and play with different colors. They can experiment with various eye makeups, and try different makeup ideas for brown eyes. However, the most important thing to remember for any kind of eye makeup is that dark color shades should be used to make large eyes appear smaller, whereas light color shades should be used to highlight small eyes. It is important to choose the right shades of eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner for brown eyes, to achieve that perfect look. The following makeup ideas for brown eyes can make the brown eyes look even more prominent and beautiful.

For the classic look, it can be achieved by using earthy shades like brown, taupe, peach and gold. They will give you a casual as well as a professional look. Apply a lighter shade to the entire eyelid. Then highlight the inner corner of the eye with the lightest shade, and the outer corner with a darker shade. Complete the look with a dark brown or black eyeliner and a black mascara.

For a trendy look, apply a thick eyeliner and smudge it a little. Dark-colored eyeliners go well with brown eyes, especially if you want to sizzle and smoke with smoky eyes. Go for shades of gray, dark plum or navy. Smoky eyes go well with nude lips. Apply lighter or nude shades on your lips. Avoid dark-colored lip colors like red

For natural look, makeup with a peach or apricot eyeshadow and brown eyeliner. Line only the top eye for a crisp look, or smudge slightly below the eye for a more sultry feel appropriate for evening.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes


There are some of the most suitable colors for selecting the right eyeshadow for brown eyes like blue, brown, vanilla and purple, which look great with brown eyes. Neutral shades like taupe and browns also go with brown eyes. To make your eyes sparkle, you can apply a pink colored eye shadow. While applying the pink eyeshadow, you must apply a darker shade of the eyeshadow near the crease of the eyelid. For smoky look, you can go for the gray eyeshadow with a liner and this looks really great. Apart from these shades, there are some metallic shades which add a great and beautiful look to your eyes. The metallic colors like bronze, gold, metallic pink look just awesome with the beautiful brown eyes. Beige colored eyeshadow, with a darker shade at the crease of the eyelid, can also look cool. Also, to make your eyes look more dramatic and adventurous, you can go for a lavender colored eyeshadow with purple shade at the crease of the eyeshadow. However, you must perfectly blend the eyeshadow colors with each other, to give the finest look to your eyes.

These were some makeup ideas for brown eyes. Brown eyes are truly spectacular and can pull off a wide range of makeup colors. Whether you step outside the box and try a new shadow color or two, mix it up with a bold eyeliner, or just brush on a sweep of shadow and hint of mascara and let your eyes speak for themselves, embrace your brown eyes and let your confidence ans spirit shine!