Magnetic Earrings

Getting your ears pierced can be painful. But if you still want to get them to improve your looks, but without the pain, you can turn to magnet earrings. These things are being sold left and right nowadays. Instead of having to have a hole punched on your ears, you can simply use this to add that extra style to your look. Also, it’s a particularly appealing option for teenagers whose parents do not allow multiple piercings. These earrings are an inexpensive and creative accessory.

CZ 8 mm Round Magnetic Earrings

Square 5mm CZ Magnetic Earrings

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For classic studs, magnetic earrings work well for non-pierced ears. Magnet earrings are available in yellow gold, platinum, sterling silver, or white gold variants that can be adorned with crystals, precious stones, pearls, and plastic beads. You can find them in styles like hoop, drop, and stud. Stud earrings have magnetic backings while drop earrings have 2 magnetic backings that boast a rating of 1,200 Gauss. Drop earrings can also be plated with rhodium that lends them a bright, white appearance. On the other hand, magnetic hoop earrings have ear clips attached to a spring system to keep the magnets in their proper place. Each magnet has a rating of 1,000 Gauss, and they are inserted on every earring’s flat backside. Magnetic earrings are work as negative magnets, and will help to increase the blood flow to the problem areas. An increase in blood flow means that you can get more oxygen to the area, which means more nutrients and thus it will start to heal better. This will also help reduce the joint inflammation, which will start the process of pain reduction. Magnetic earrings are a method that you should be considering if you want to get rid of joint pain safely and in a way that won’t blow your budget. With no side effects, it is a method that you can’t ignore.



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To maintain your stylish magnetic earrings, it’s important to keep them clean because too much dirt on them will make the jewelry ineffective and they won’t stick to your ears. You should also keep your earrings in a separate box from your regular jewelry so that they’ll stay clean and organized. With magnetic earrings, you can have personalized accessories at the fraction of the cost. You can even create a pair for every occasion of the year. And of course, you can have all of this without having to go through the pain of ear piercing.