Lotus Flower Tattoos

Tattoo is an art used to express ones individual personality. This art work is done by inserting ink into the layers of skin via needles to change pigment for decorative and religious reasons. Tattoo artists have come up with wide varieties of tattoo designs. Tattoos are not only attractive but they also symbolize the inner meaning. Flower tattoos are most favored by women. Among all the flowers, Lotus is unique and has a great background. The lotus flower is a popular flower choice amongst tattoo enthusiasts. The reasons vary greatly for this, from the ability to size it, change the colouration, the ease of places you can put it on your body and the fact it works for both sexes. It has held many meanings for its bearers and has deep roots in many cultures as to the meaning as well. Lotus flower tattoos are perfect and a good option to look with its amazing colors and gorgeous petals. It looks good, when placed in any location of the body.

The Lotus is an amazing flower that unites all the different religions of the country together as one. The lotus is a small flower that is found at the bottom of the pond, lying in muck and mud. It slowly begins to grow and moves towards the surface of water in search of light, once it reaches the surface of the water; it starts to bloom and turns into a beautiful flower. It symbolizes the spirituality of the individual who belong to the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Lotus flower tattoos are also popular for people who have gone through a hard time and are now coming out of it. Like the flower they have been at the bottom in the muddy, yucky dirty bottom of the pond but have risen above this to display an object of beauty or al ife of beauty as the case might be. Thus a lotus flower tattoo or blossom can also represent a hard time in life that has been overcome. For the placement, a lot of different range of these flower can be tattooed nearly anywhere on the body-the arms, the back, the ankle, or the back of your neck. This flexibility is because the flower can vary in size from a couple of inches to large enough to cover your back. For the designs, there are so many variation designs of lotus tattoos. But this design is often placed or harmonized with a Koi fish. Many times in a Koi fish pond can be found the beautiful lotus flower, perhaps why they are often creatively designed and intertwined together. And these lotus flower tattoos can be a small, subtle tattoo or a much larger work of art. In short, these kind of flower tattoo is a great choice for many different people with a range of differing needs.

Lotus flower tattoos are great ways to express your luck and fortune to others.  No matter the final lotus flower tattoo you choose, it will be one of beauty and strength. The tattoo is a common choice of flower fanatics and those who want to tell their story of a past journey upon their bodies. Irregardless of the story behind your tattoo, the lotus flower can be the perfect flower tattoo. After all, lotus flower tattoos are a fantastic way of conveying a positive message. Lotus flower tattoos combine beauty and symbolism in a very flexible manner.