Lion Tattoos

Most people consider getting a tattoo as a way to express themselves and as a type of art. And one of the common designs which have some meaning behind it is the lion tattoo. Lion tattoos have two primary meanings – one is a simple appreciation of a beautiful animal; and a second is an image of fierceness, pride, and strength. Since a tattoo is permanent, it must be well thought of and should signify something important in your life.

A good tattoo artist can render an ink masterpiece with realism.  For the placement of your lion tattoo, consider whether you want the whole lion or just his head. Although a male lion with a glorious mane is more popular, perhaps you’d rather have a lioness, the real hunter of the pride. Consider possible poses for a full-bodied lion. Your lion can be lying in the grass, hunched, ready to launch into action, or lying down in repose. Perhaps your lion is standing with his head raised. Or he could be flying through the air in mid-pounce. He might be sitting upright, raking a paw outward. Watch a special on lions and study how they sit, stand and move to see which posture speaks to you before deciding. When it comes to lion tattoo designs, usually women prefer feminine designs. But this perception is fast changing, as lion tattoos for women are becoming fashionable day-by-day. There is a wide variety of tattoo designs for women, which are graceful and royal, and suits their personality. You can also choose female lion tattoos depending on the size and the place where you would like to ink your tattoo. It could be a large tattoo portraying the lion’s body, which shows the creature’s strong and masculine physique or a roaring lion’s head. The designs give a bold, determined, courageous, and authoritative representation of women.

And for men,  many guys go for Celtic or tribal lion tattoo. The detailing needed to get the exact face of the lion, combining vibrant colors, or black ink tattoos make for amazing artwork. Some tribal tattoos for men make them look more masculine and add that much-needed style quotient. There is a wide range of designs for men to consider from. which portray fierce and life-like qualities about them. They are very popular as they interpret ‘the king of the jungle’ in its prime glory. With the help of a professional tattoo artist, you may select the tattoo design that suits your personality. Lions are often associated with king”s power that”s why they are present in heraldic of many countries. If you choose to make a lion tattoo it will always look great and impressive. Lion tattoos will reveal your might and power and add you confidence. A lion tattoo is not just a symbol of a jungle king, but a blue-blooded ruler.