Layering Clothes

Many outdoor enthusiasts understand the importance of layering clothing. Layering clothes can look classy and stylish when done right. It is also practical for lots of different situations. Usually people can do layering during winter season or just for fashion. By layering clothing you are able to easily regulate your body temperature by taking layers off and putting them on. Clothing layers serve to wick away moisture, insulate and protect you from the elements. In layering clothing, you typically wear three or more layers. When layering, try to select clothes that are made of different fabrics and textures. This adds more interest to the overall look. Choose fabrics such as cotton, denim, jersey and velvet. You can also layer different colors and patterns. Or stick to the same color but in different tones. And below are some tips about layering clothes. Take a look!

For fashion; Firstly, layering clothes for fashion, build a foundation. Whether you are a man or a woman, the most important part of getting dressed is having the right undergarments. Women should choose smooth underwear that will not show any lines. Men should wear smooth and comfortable underwear along with a body-skimming tank top or “V”-neck T-shirt. In general, men should stay away from crew-neck T-shirts as a base layer. Crew-neck T-shirts show through layered clothing. Tank tops and T-shirts are also great for layering fashion. Find a close-fitting tank top or T-shirt if you are a woman. Tank tops are the right choice for dressy layered looks, while T-shirts make a more casual fashion statement. Men should choose a slightly loose polo or golf shirt for a casual look. A button-up, long-sleeved shirt is appropriate for dressier looks. Pick out a middle layer. This layer should be slightly thicker than a T-shirt or button-up shirt. Thin cardigans or pullover sweaters made out of merino wool, silk knit or thin cotton weaves work well for both men and women. Cotton weave is a good choice for casual fashion, while silk and merino wool have a dressier appearance. Choose the right outerwear for the weather. The last layer is the layer that will protect you the most from the elements. If it is raining or snowing outside, this layer should be waterproof. If you need a dressier look, a gabardine jacket or trench coat works in cool and mild weather. Heavy wool coats are the right choice for cold, winter weather. In the spring and summer months, a cotton twill jacket or blazer is the perfect choice for your last layer. Add accessories. Women can wear chunky necklaces that will complete the layered look and make it into a fashion statement. Men can add a wool scarf on cold days or stick with a simple pair of sunglasses in warm months.

For cold weather; Decide how many layers of clothes you will need. If the changes in temperature aren’t going to be extreme, you can limit your number of layers. However, if there are going to be great fluctuations in weather throughout the day, it’s a good idea to wear as many layers as you are comfortable wearing. If you are hiking or traveling outdoors, consider not only how cold it is outside but how warm it will be at your destination. Begin with your bottom layers. You should wear an undershirt, underwear and socks. If it is going to be extremely cold, consider wearing long underwear. Your socks should be thick enough to protect your feet from cold weather. Add a cotton or knit shirt over your undershirt. The shirts shouldn’t be baggy, but it also shouldn’t be skin tight. You want to create a thin layer of air between each layer of clothing for insulation. That warm air that is trapped between each layer will keep your warm. Put on a pair of long pants. Denim and corduroy are good materials for cold weather and are versatile enough to wear in cooler temperatures if the weather changes. If you expect rain, consider a pair of rain pants. Wear a sweater on top of your shirt. The sweater should be slightly more baggy than the shirt. It should not be extremely thin, but also not so thick that you can’t fit your jacket on over it. Wear sheepskin or other winter boots if you are going to be outdoors for great lengths of time. If you are hiking or walking through snow or ice, select boots that are made of waterproof materials like Gore-Tex. Do not wear shoes without traction. In the winter, it is easy to fall on ice and get injured. Finish up with your final layer, consisting of an overcoat and protection for your head and hands. An overcoat is vital in cold weather, choose a slick wind breaker or raincoat depending on the forecast. Protect your head with ear muffs, scarves and hats. The body loses the most heat from the head and the feet; therefore, it’s very important to keep these areas covered and warm. Add a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Done.

These were some tips about layering clothesfor cold weather and fashion. Hope it will help you to find the right style or even give you a new inspiration about layering clothes. Actaully, layered clothing not only added as the weather cools but also can added for warms during the day or evening. Fashion-conscious men and women want to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. The ultimate fashion statement can be achieved by layering the right pieces of clothing.