Lariat Necklaces

Looking for unique way to jazz up your wardrobe? Then consider to purchasing a lariat necklace. Lariat is one of the most versatile style of necklace. Generally speaking is a long strand, chain or rope with adorned ends and no clasp. it’s an open-ended necklace with no clasp; one long strand that leaves you free to wrap, drape and tie it in any number of styles.  This lariat necklace can make a wonderful addition to a woman’s wardrobe, since it accommodates almost any type of neckline.

Lariat necklaces can be made from many different materials, including glass or wooden beads and chains made from various metals. Flower or leaf charms are commonly added to the end of the necklace, but other types of designs are available as well. If you can’t find a necklace that fits your needs, consider asking a local craftsperson to design something special just for you. Wear the lariat necklace can be creatively. Since most Lariats are long, you can almost always wrap them around twice, regardless of which tie you settle on. Place the center of the strand at your throat, cross the loose ends behind your neck and bring them back to your chest. Or, wear a lariat necklace as a belt just wrap around your waist or hips and cross the ends over or tie a knot at the side.  Great to add detail to a plain dress, works particularly well with a maxi dress. Also looks great on your jeans or trousers in place of a belt, although it’s just for decoration.

Marc by Marc Jacobs L’amour Fou Lariat


Ball Link Lariat Necklace


River Lariat


A lariat necklace is a great way to add a little dazzle to your outfit. The sleek, light, long line of the lariat necklace  is also a fantastic way for those who don’t usually wear jewelry to experiment with a necklace that is easy to wear with many existing items in your wardrobe.