Koi Fish Tattoos

Tattoos today not only represent the personality of the person but some tattoos also tell us about their culture. If you are looking for cultural and philosophical symbol tattoos, then a hot favorite among the youth today include Chinese and Japanese symbols. And one of the most popular Japanese tattoos are koi fish tattoos. Koi fish tattoos symbolize the will to struggle on and on to challenge the obstacles in the path of success. These tattoos are suited for the pioneering individuals who stop at nothing but success. Determined to practice what they believe in, these individuals are courageous enough to brave the unknown and its perils. The koi fish tattoos are not only culturally significant, but also represent your personality.

Koi fish tattoos can be inked on sleeve, arms, back, ankles and wrists. Koi fish are usually depicted in black and white color with lots of energetic movements, though brighter hues like gold, yellow, red and blue can also be used to make this tattoo more striking. Generally, the natural beauty of their colorful scales are captured with the help of intricate shading. The most widely used background for these tattoos are flowing or splashing water. Koi fish are often seen as leaping out of water with a splash of water around, which represents the act of overcoming the obstacles of life. They can be excellent tattoos for wrists, feet and shoulder blades of a woman. For men, the most popular places to sport this tattoo are the back and shoulder. But it is also suitable for other places like forearm, chests and ribs and a koi fish tattoo on the forearm can look really masculine. Men generally prefer the masculine version of Japanese koi fish tattoos, where the legend of transformation of koi fish into dragons is depicted. A full back spread can be created to portray the journey and transformation of koi fish at the dragon gate fall. For giving it a more exotic look, you can include the backgrounds of flowing water, floating cherry blossoms, or lotus flowers. They are also great to create zodiac tattoos, especially Pisces zodiac tattoos. For creating Pisces zodiac tattoos with koi fish, one has to simply replace the symbolic curved lines of this zodiac sign with two koi fish.

Koi fish tattoos are a growing trend. Whether you want a koi fish tattoo to represent something personal in your life, or are inspired by koi fish tattoos and their meanings, getting a Japanese koi fish tattoo will be something that you will surely not regret!