Jr Bridesmaid Dresses

Some brides complete their wedding party with special nieces, cousins, or lifelong neighbors, and these participants are called jr bridesmaids or Junior bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaids are young girls who are too old to serve as flower girls and too young to be adult bridesmaids. Generally a junior bridesmaid is an attendant whose age falls between 6 and 12.  They are not required to fulfill all of the duties of a bridesmaid. The ring bearer and flower girl are sometimes replaced with the junior bridesmaids. Dressing the junior bridesmaid has been a little difficult in the past, and reading some tips below will give alternatives for these occasions.

  1. The Jr bridesmaid dresses are similar to that of the older bridesmaids, but the style is age appropriate.
  2. Choose a classic style. Opting for a knee or ankle length dress and less formal style ensures the junior bridesmaid can wear the dress for another “dressy” occasion.
  3. Ask the alterations expert for a “swatch”, a small bit of material. This is to give to the person who will dye the shoes for reference.
  4. Avoid styles of Jr bridesmaid dresses that are too grown up. Mini dresses and plunging necklines are for grownups and have no place at a wedding.
  5. If there is no matching junior bridesmaid dress, choose a different style made in the same colors as the older bridesmaids. If you can choose a style by the same manufacturer or designer, you might be able to use material from the same dye lot.
  6. An alternative would be to go to the site, www.sewingpatterns.com and review the junior bridesmaid patterns for a custom-made dress. You may be able to find a pattern where the design is simple, but elegant, and is quite versatile, in order to blend and match with bridesmaids’ gowns.
  7. Measurements can be acquired from the junior bridesmaid, if she lives a long distance away from wedding location. She can go to a seamstress or tailor shop in her hometown. Then measurements can be sent to the bride, who will then choose the pattern and fabric and give all this information to her local seamstress to make the dress. Once the dress is made, it can then be shipped to the attendant for alterations. The bride has to approve the pattern and fabric, wherever it is chosen. The bride has final approval of all garments in the wedding party.


The Example of Jr Bridesmaid Dresses


These were some examples and tips about Jr bridesmaid Dresses. Hope It’ll help you much as the bride and you can opt the best dresses for your little bridesmaid later. Good Luck!