Jade Bracelets

Since ancient times, the Chinese have revered jade as a lucky stone that repels evil spirits and demons. Those who practice crystal healing and meditation believe that jade opens psychic abilities and intuition. Jade also makes undeniably beautiful statues and jewelry. Jade bracelets are still being made today in a variety of different styles and designs. The jade bracelet is a beautiful and timeless bracelet that you can have it one or more.

TransfigurationsJlry – Green Jade Bracelet with Red Jasper


If you want to purchase, then you need to choose the best jade bracelet for you, but due to competition it is hard to get the real jade bracelet. There are several shops and even sites on the web that are selling jade bracelets that are either not real or are of inferior quality. So, you need to take care for such factors. You can search for the best quality of jade bracelets through out the Internet. In addition to jade bracelets, you can also have the best quality pearl jewelry available on the online jewelry stores. From these stores, you can get the most beautiful jewelry collection now.

Tasha808 – Jade Bracelet Sterling Silver Lotus Charm Hawaii Bohemian Chic


Then caring a jade bracelet can be just simple for you.  Keep your jade bracelet away from cleansers, chemicals and oils as much as possible. Do not apply lotion or perfume when wearing your jade bracelet, and take it off when cooking or cleaning. The chemicals will erode and fade the stones. Avoid exposing your jade bracelet to the sun for long stretches of time. If spending the day outdoors, leave your jade bracelet at home. Clean the bracelet with a few drops of mild soap and some water. Dip a soft cloth in the soapy water and rub it over the jade pieces. Dampen a clean cloth in water to rinse and dry with a third cloth. Use only a dry cloth on C grade jade to avoid leaking color. Now, If you already have it on your own, a jade bracelet, you can show it off and mix -match with any outfits.