Infant Halloween Costumes

Hey mom, looking for an infant costume for baby’s first Halloween party? Then you don’t worry about it. There are so many themes or ideas of infant Halloween costumes that you can choose. Also, you can find it plenty in the stores around you.Popular costume ideas for infant include animals, food and traditional Halloween looks such as pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons.

Just for option, homemade infant Halloween costumes may be your choice. For ease, you can make your own animal costume for you baby. Dress your baby as a baby animal for Halloween for a cute, recognizable costume. A cape that looks like wings allows your baby to wear everyday clothes for comfort. Make the wings from felt. Iron on fusible interfacing to the back of felt. Cut the felt into wing shapes. An iron helps crease the fabric to create a feather effect. Sew several smaller wings on top of each other for a tiered effect. Make a tail by gluing another creased piece of felt to a pair of tights. Sew a ribbon to the top of each wing so you can tie it to your child’s outfit. Sew two sets of wings together. Add a hood to the top of the costume to complete the look. Two white body suits can be the base for a fluffy chicken costume. Place one suit inside the other and tuck quilt batting in between the two suits. Keep the suits in place by sewing together at the neck and leg holes. Craft expert Martha Stewart suggests pinning feather boas to the body suit while your child is wearing it. Use safety pins, then take off the suit and sew the feathers to the costume by hand every 4 inches. Make the hat from a white baby bonnet and felt pieces. Make the rooster comb by cutting out two red felt pieces and sewing the top and sides together. Batting ensures that the comb stands straight up. Hot glue secures the comb to the hat. But, if you want to purchase online, check out the following websites:

  3. CafePress


Before you decide which is the best infant Halloween costume for your baby, you need to consider about how the kid will feel once inside of it first. Many infant Halloween costumes are cute, but are they cozy? The biggest blunder of all is dropping a large sum of cash for a perfect little outfit, only to get nothing but photographs of a red-faced, screaming child because the costume is too hot or itchy for the baby to be content. Consider the materials and the logistics of the infant costume you are choosing.