Improve Your Skin Elasticity

If you are a woman in your late 30’s or higher, you have probably noticed your skin’s elasticity is not what it used to be. For most of us this is inevitable. Other body parts begin to sag as we age so why should our skin be any different? Fortunately, there are options available that will help to reverse the effects of age on the skin and also improve elasticity in loose skin that’s caused by weight loss. And below are some ways about how to improve skin elasticity.

Here are several ways how to improve skin elasticity for you:

  1. Do some muscle building to tighten skin. Although this is not what you would expect from an article like this, this is an important factor in your facial tone. The skin is a living organ that contains a layer of fat that covers the muscles that cover the skeleton. If the muscle shrinks, the skin will show it. Many wrinkles are caused by one muscle group being used while another group relaxes. After years of this routine, the muscle atrophies and wrinkles set in. Build that atrophied muscle back up though exercise, and the skin will plump up, softening the wrinkle. (See References for specific exercises)
  2. Stop smoking. For beautiful skin you need to increase blood flow to the area that will plump up the skin and increase color. In addition, the repeated action of sucking on the cigarette will cause wrinkles around your mouth, and the squinting to keep smoke out of your eyes will cause wrinkles around your eyes.
  3. Avoid damaging your skin externally. This covers using harsh soaps, too much sun, hot water, excess makeup and artificial moisturizers. Our bodies work well when they are taken care of properly. Since the skin is an organ, problems show up when there is a problem. Too much sun results in red skin, too much hot water dries out the skin, too much makeup results in clogged pores. As you can see, there are indications that our skin gives us to show us that something is off. Millions of skin products can be found that promise amazing results, but start with the basics before you jump into the frenzy. You don’t need to spring for the high priced firming lotion just yet.
  4. Move your body. Movement is so important for our skin elasticity for many reasons. It will increase muscle mass. It will increase blood flow, which means more oxygen and nutrients are being supplied to the skin while toxins are being carried off. It will balance hormones that affect skin health. Movement outside in the sunshine will enable the metabolism of vitamin D, which contributes to skin health. Movement increases endorphins and serotonin levels in the brain.
  5. Control your carbohydrate metabolism. You may be surprised at this suggestion, but studies have shown that the long-term affects of excess carbohydrate metabolism are cross linking. This is a process where the excess glucose binds with proteins in tissue and causes hardening of the artery and capillary walls. This is first visible in areas of thinner skin, such as the eyelids and back of the hands. Keeping your blood sugar (glucose) stable requires the proper intake ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as found in a low glycemic diet.
  6. Eat live foods. The metabolic processes in our body are very complex and depend on a healthy intake of vital micro-nutrients. This is separate from the whole caloric intake necessary for energy. Look at the food you ingest for a day and determine if a healthy body can be supported by the ingredients you ate. Maybe you think a vitamin will make up the difference in your lack of proper eating, but there is no way a little pill or even a handful of pills could contain everything found in fresh, colorful, non-processed fruits,vegetables, herbs and spices.


As you can see there is a lot that you can do about how to improve skin elasticityand have a glowing skin without wrinkles and fine lines and without using expensive surgeries. Also, for those looking for a less invasive route, there are a variety of products on the market today that offer an easier and less painful solution, though with less dramatic results. Many of these products contain ingredients like copper, Ginseng, elastin, collagen, and HGH (human growth hormone). These are all ingredients that have been proven to have some level of rejuvenating effects on the skin and its elasticity. Most products are geared toward sensitive skin and are generally to be allergy-free.