Hummingbird Tattoos

More than three hundred different species of hummingbirds exist around the world, many of which have become the centerpieces of beautiful tattoos. The hummingbird’s low profile lies in stark contrast to it’s beautiful plumage and amazing ability to hover in place. In fact, this combination of characteristics have led some cultures to believe that the hummingbird is a highly spiritual creature, one that doesn’t spend all of its time in this realm. In ages past, this elusive bird was believed to have supernatural powers, especially when it comes to romance. Hummingbird feathers and even entire carcasses were worn as love charms, and sometimes used as ingredients in love potions. Today, Hummingbird tattoo designs offer us a way to pay homage to these incredibly lovely birds and look darn good while we’re doing it.

Talking about hummingbird tattoos, loads of designs are available, as there are over three hundred hummingbird types available. Look at pictures of different species in books and online to get ideas for the coloration, position and angle of the bird in your tattoo. Decide between a depiction of the bird standing or in flight. Some hummingbird tattoo designs include wings that convey brilliant motion. Hummingbird tattoo designs often include the hummingbird with a flower, a meaningful symbol, your name or a second hummingbird. And one of the popular designs is the classic black chinned hummingbird. You can get this design done if you wish to have a simple design. But if you wish to have some exotic design, then go for sapphire chinned hummingbird, which has its beak deep pressed in scarlet red tulip. A colorful hummingbird which is soaring high in the sky and is about to land on the land, is also a very charming sight! Hummingbird with its wings wide apart, is considered as a symbol of aggressiveness. Tribal hummingbird tattoos are also quite popular as tribal tattoos make use of thick black ink. If a couple is thinking of getting a hummingbird tattoo done, then the best design for them would be of two hummingbirds facing each other, a mirror image. Just as in the case of other famous designs like Celtic tattoos or heart tattoos; hummingbird tattoos surrounded with name of a beloved also look good.

For the locations, honestly, there’s no bad place to place a hummingbird tat. But as the hummingbirds are very small in size, it is better to depict them in the same size. So the locations which will look best with hummingbird tattoo designs are ankles, wrists and upper arm. If you wish to have an elaborate design, have a few other designs like that of some intricate flower designs or vines. You can also choose to have the bird inked to depict it in flight. A stationary bird also makes for a wonderful tattoo design. Hummingbird tattoos are great and beautiful tattoos, so if you wanted to get one cute animal tat in your body, consider to choose Hummingbird tats. Cheers!