Huarache Sandals

Summer season is here, and that means the season of sandals! With variety of sandals, you want to choose the comfy ones. And Huarache sandals can be your choice. What is Huarache sandals? The modish huaraches are actually Mexican sandals with a pre-Columbian origin. These flat sandals whose uppers are made of straps or woven leather strips, but they’re now accessible in other materials like rubber too.  Moisture inside the toes is often a large problem in the course of springtime. Open toed Huaraches allow your feet to breathe, ensuring flow of air from the gap in between straps. Closed shoes can lead to fungal infections or athletes foot. So, put aside your boots and put on these hip huaraches.

Huarache sandalsfor women comes in many colors such as bright shades of orange, pink, green, to classic blacks and browns readily available in the stores. There are also Huarache sandals in many different styles and designs. Huarache sandals can complement the modern vintage look and they are more on the casual side. These sandals will look amazing with skinny jeans or crop pants. The tough materials also have helped popularize huaraches as durable and long-lasting footwear.

Where to find Huarache sandals?