How To Clean Your Coach Purse

Once you have a Coach purse, you will want to carry it for as long as possible, but cleaning this purse can be a challenge. Because there are many different types of Coach purses. It means, you need to pay much attention about how to clean a Coach purse with properly.  You don’t want to make a mistake and damage the purse permanently, right? Then some steps below might can help you.

Before you start to read some steps about how to clean a coach purse below, there are some things you need to prepare first. Such as; Signature C fabric cleaner, Sponge, Dish detergent, Laundry pre-treatment wipes, Baby wipes and Authentic Coach purse.And for the steps:

1# Opt for Coach’s recommended way to clean their fabric purses and keep the warranty of your product intact. The company sells a cleaner called Signature C Fabric Cleaner at its retail locations and online . Using the manufacturer’s official product will net the best results when you are cleaning fabric purses (as well as shoes). If you need to file a claim on the warranty of your authentic Coach purse and have tried other methods of cleaning, the company may not honor your request.  2# Spot-clean the fabric of your purse with plain water and a clean sponge if you are not concerned about the warranty of your product. Dab at the soiled area without scrubbing, to avoid damaging the texture of the material. Add a drop of dish detergent to clean grease stains. 3# Stash some individually wrapped laundry pre-treatment wipes or a small package of baby wipes in your Coach purse. When you notice dirt or other stains, gently work on the stain with a wipe. Be sure to test for colorfastness on a hidden area of your purse before cleaning the entire bag. 4# Allow your Coach bag to air-dry after you have removed the stain.

These above are some steps about how to clean a coach purse. Once your bag is clean and looking almost new again, you’ll want to protect it. Since Coach purses are a big investment for most people, whether you paid full retail or bought at an outlet store, you’ll want to keep yours clean and use it as long as possible. With regular treatment, then of course it can be achieved.