Hooded Sweatshirts

People want to wear clothes that are functional and fashionable whether they are working or playing. Sometimes there is very little time to go from work to play or vice versa, so a hooded sweatshirt can be a great compliment to your wardrobe. Hooded sweatshirts are sweatshirts with a hood. Hooded sweats can be a pullover or can have a zipper front. Their only requisite is the hood. These sweats have become increasingly popular and range from the most casual pieces to those that are dressier. Hooded sweatshirts are also extremely comfortable and durable articles of clothing that keep you warm in cold temperatures.

See by Chloe Hooded Sweatshirt in Charcoal Melange

Silent Damir Doma Fashion Hooded Sweatshirt

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The hood on these hooded sweatshirts, most often features a drawstring so that the hood can be drawn tightly around the face of the wearer or worn loosely, depending on personal choice. These drawstrings range from being very thick and coiled at the end so as to prevent the string from being lost within the hood to those strings that are thin and made of a durable nylon cord. Some strings are made of a braided silk material and usually come as part of a high-fashion design. Hooded sweatshirts can be both functional and fashionable for several reasons. Tops come in a variety of colors and all kinds of creative verbiage or elements can be added to the sweatshirt design to suit the taste of the wearer.

RUDE RIDERS distressed hooded sweatshirt

FRED PERRY Hooded sweatshirt

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Hooded sweatshirts keep you warm and still provide you enough comfort throughout the day. They are warm, comfy and very stylish.  Also, agood number of colleges and universities in United States create their own hooded sweatshirts with their logos attached. Players from top colleges and universities form themselves into a team and take part in several tournaments. Then if you decide to have one, you should know that the best things about hooded sweatshirts is the ability to wash and wear them. If they don’t have a lot of extra sequins and added decorative elements on them, sweatshirts are usually quite durable. If you get a cotton and polyester blend or a cotton blend that is heavy and slightly larger than what you need, the sweatshirt will not shrink too much when it is washed and dried. Hooded sweatshirts are a great option for people who are in cold, windy, conditions.