Homemade Halloween Costumes

Get creative and make your own Halloween costume this year.  Making costumes for Halloween and similar festivals is always a better option.  They can require little effort and preparation time. Homemade costumes save a lot of money. However, apart from saving money, advantage of using homemade costume is that customizing them as per our needs is possible. Homemade Halloween costumes are a great things and ordinary costumes that so many people wear on October 31. There are many ideas which can be used in making costumes for Halloween. The different themes could be anything from pumpkin shapes to superhero costumes.

Robot Costumes

Just start spray paint a large cardboard box silver, and then attach all sorts of buttons, levers and switches to the front. Cut a hole in the top and bottom of the box for the body. Wear a silver or grey sweat suit, paint the face silver, and wear a silver or grey hat, and attach the box to the body with some string.

Fairy Tale Costumes

Since fewer and fewer people sew, let alone have free time, homemade Halloween costumes have become less popular. However, many classic fairy tale costumes can be crafted with little sewing ability, and don’t need to take much time or be expensive. What is required is some thought and ingenuity. You can find free patterns for capes online, which need only measuring and cutting, and thus Red Riding Hood or Puss in Boots is outfitted within an hour. Children can make masks, ears and tails using traditional craft materials. Even a dress for a princess can be crafted, rather than sewn, although this definitely requires more time. If you do sew, there is no end of free or inexpensive patterns available online. You can bypass commercial patterns easily and find many made by individuals for their children and shared with anyone who wants to give it a try. For many of the costumes, it’s nice to add props so the child feels like more of a character. It’s also ideal to involve the child in making of the costume as much as possible. They might prefer to create a different spin on a classic character, thus making the costume that much more their own – and thus more effective, fun and magical.


For boys, they can go with Spider costumes. Dress as a bug for Halloween by attaching fake legs to clothing. Make legs out of stuffed pantyhose legs or rolled-up towels. Use safety pins to pin the legs on a black shirt, robe or dress. The first one should start under the arms. Wear a bug mask or put on face paint. Use deodorant, fake spiderwebs or paint to make white spiderwebs for spider. For other bugs, use paint, scarves or colored tape for markings.

Pumpkin Costume

Materials needed to make this costume include the following: orange fabric, paper plate, hot glue gun, needle, thread and plastic grocery bags. The orange fabric should form the external pumpkin shape. Paper plate should cut in a manner that the head of one who wears this costume should comfortably fit inside. The orange fabric should be glued to the paper plate with glue. Holes for arms and legs need to be made into the orange fabric. Needle and thread should be used in sewing the edges properly. The plastic grocery bags need to be stuffed inside the orange fabric to give it a fluffy pumpkin-like shape.

Dead Old Lady

This is another creative Halloween costume idea for adult. Streak your hair gray using temporary hair color and tie it into an untidy up-sweep. Try to obtain an old, Victorian style hat from a garage sale and attach a bit of netting to make a veil. Attach plastic spiders and bugs to the veil. Wear an old ragged wool dress or a print dress and adorn it with a brooch. Wear white gloves on your hand but ensure that they are dirty. Wear thick stockings and dark shoes, preferably loafers. Use powder on your face and use gray eyeshadow around your eyes. Use blue eyeshadow to create highlights around your features to give yourself an eerie look. Add plastic scars and clotted, brownish, reddish, blood wounds. Now add plastic spiders to your dress as well and you are done.


This Halloween costume definitely for men; Joker. Think Heath Ledger from the 2008 blockbuster, The Dark Knight, and you have the perfect costume for a Halloween party. A purple corduroy suit that you can rent from a costume shop, a green vest and the perfect makeup and you are ready to go. Search for the image of the Joker from the film and copy it as best as you can. You will need powder to white your face and red lipstick to smear your lips with. Do not forget to darken your eyes with black eyeshadow. This is one of the easy Halloween costume ideas that you can opt for.

For another ideas, let’s see some pictures below.

These were a few homemade Halloween costumes for kids to adult. Remember, homemade costumes are one way to help ensure that Halloween remains a wholesome and fun event for children and adults every year. Costumes that are put together at home, either individually or as a family project. This is great chance to use your creativity in making these costumes. One should therefore, think about enjoying this year’s Halloween with homemade costumes. Have fun!