Hobo Bags

Popularized by celebrities and fashion icons in recent years, hobo bags are part of a slightly Bohemian, funky trend. Hobo bags are a popular style of purse. Hobo bag never become old. A hobo bag is characterized as any bag that is soft, slouchy and roomy. They range in size, but most tend to be larger and have a shoulder strap. Many hobo bags are leather, and part of their appeal is their unstructured make-up. Many hobo bags are shaped like a half moon, and most have a top zipper, snap or clasp. The name of the bag was inspired by hobos who used to carry bindles. A hobo bag is a loose imitation of the bindle, and will hold a lot of your belongings. Hobo bags have been around for decades and have come and gone in fashion.

Ashley M Sweater Knit Hobo Bag

Nicole Lee Emery Sequin Scallops Hobo Bag

Mellow World Sage Fashion Hobo Bag 

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You can find  hobo bags in just about any color. Hobo bags could actually be quite gorgeous for evening parties and dances. You could carry one for one of your shopping sprees at the same time. . These bags are also both practical and stylish. Hobo-style bags are often embellished with metallic accents. Designer label hobo bags can come in patterns can be the item that completes an outfit, upstaging jewelry and other accessories. Most hobo bags provide women with enough room to carry all their essential items such as a wallet, phone and cosmetics bag. Large hobo bags can even be used for carrying items such as groceries or a change of clothes. Also, hobo bags are preferred by most young girls since they at all times carry many items with them because it is not hard for them to carry those things in a hobo bag because of its lengthy strap.

Valentino ‘Lacca Nuage – Medium’ Hobo

Big Buddha ‘Cammy’ Faux Leather Hobo

Melie Bianco ‘Stacy’ Flip Sequin Slouchy Hobo

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When you are looking to purchase one of hobo bags for your collection you will find that hobo bags are not expensive come in a variety of styles and prices. With such a big variety rinding one that is fashionable will allow you to keep that purse for a while until the next hottest trend comes along. If you do a little bit of comparison shopping online, you dont have to spend thousands of dollars on a designer purse when you can find a much better budget friendly purse that will still look really chic and trendy.