Hipster Outfits

Hipster is quite a confusing term as its meaning and the associated trends have undergone many changes since the inception of the term. It originated somewhere around 1940s and 1950s and was prominently used in jazz circles to describe people who listened to specific styles of jazz music. The word hipster loosely means ‘cool’. Some also say that the word derived from the word ‘hep’ or ‘hop’ which is a slang for opium. But today’s hipsters have different characteristics and are not necessarily associated with ‘drug culture’. Hipster style is become one of the most favorite style among girls and guys. Hipsters act on account of their free will and this shows in the kind of clothes that they wear. If you want to dress like a typical hipster, then some ideas of hipster outfits below might help to achieve the perfect hipter look. Keep reading…

Wear skinny jeans on a regular basis the skinnier, the better. Skinny jeans are one of the most definitive pieces of hipster fashion for guys and girls. For girls, they also can wear leggings on days that you don’t wear skinny jeans. You can layer the leggings with a denim or corduroy skirt. High waisted shorts are also perfect option besides skinny jeans or leggings. And for the tops of hipter outfits for girls, they can donning the same shirts as males, but also wear more traditional though still darkly-colored, female tops such as spaghetti straps and boldly-patterned blouses. And about the hipster dresses; among dresses that a hipster girl can be spotted wearing are vintage ones which includes dresses that women in the 70s and 80s wore. The type of dress can depend on the personality of the girl. She can wear a short tight dress or a long, loose and flowing one according to what she feels like. It is this carefree attitude that can be transformed into the type of dress that she wishes to wear. Accessorize your hipster outfit with large, dark eyeglasses, bright colors, over-sized belts, sweat bands, scarves and wrist cuffs. If you want to be a true hipster, wear a scarf even in warm weather. For guys, wear colored t-shirts or shirts featuring ironic, anti-establishment slogans, etc. If you’re wearing a hoodie, select a size smaller than the size that properly fits you; this goes for the t-shirts as well. For the shoes, clad your feet with skate sneakers or loafers. Or if not you wear large boots that are consistent with 1980s punk styles while hippie-styled loafers made of hemp also fit into the hipster look. As with the shirts and pants, dark colors are favored more among hipsters.

If you want to purchase, there are quite a few clothing brands which specialize in these hipster outfits. So, check them out and get your hipster look going right away.