High Waisted Jean Shorts

Every woman has a high waisted jean short in their wardrobe. Because these shorts are favorite stuff when summer comes. Moreover, high waisted jean shorts can be used for any occasion. And of course this is not new, high waisted jean short is also popular in the ‘ 80s. For women, this is kinda something that is very exciting; Though they can find it plenty at clothing stores, but the fun part is they can also be made in an easy ways! To make DIY high waisted jean shorts, you just need to prepare you old jeans with scissor. Then carefully cut along the mark, cutting the front and the back of each leg at the same time, cutting through both layers of fabric. Done!

But if you want to purchase, you need to consider about the materials. The material should be selected based on the look that you want. In case you are not aware of this, there are different types of jeans fabric including the traditional 100% jeans, raw jeans, and more. For colors, you can choose lighter shades of blue, mustard or yellow for day wear. While darker shades of black, navy blue and gray will look best for evening wear.

The Examples of High Waisted Jean Shorts

High Waisted jeans shorts can be the item of fashion clothing to flatter a woman who has an apple-shaped body. Most women who are apple-shaped have great legs. Use this to your advantage. Flaunt your legs in shorts with a comfortable, flowing top. To add more style to your look while wearing a pair of these jeans you can use accessories like jewelry or a scarf. Cheers!