Henley Shirts for Men

The Henley shirt first debuted in the 19th century but has become a popular fashion statement at periods during the 20th and 21st centuries. The Henley shirt has been worn as an undergarment, a sleeping shirt and a t-shirt mostly by men. Henley t-shirts are a style of collarless men’s casual wear pullover shirt. They are characterized by a 4-6 inch long set of buttons underneath the neckline. It basically resembles a collarless polo shirt. The sleeves may be either short or long, and it can be made in almost any fabric. The henley shirt is a classic part of any man’s wardrobe. A henley shirt; simply perfect.

Pintuck Henley Shirt
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People Tree Henley Shirt
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RAG & BONE // Charcoal Raglan Henley
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Once regarded an all-purpose work shirt, the Henley shirt is now made in an array of styles and detail variations. Henley shirts made for men and women now often feature short sleeves, collars, wrist cuffs, additional buttons and other various details, making many Henley shirts acceptable alternatives to dress shirts. The more stylish options are suitable for business casual work environments and semiformal events. Dress a Henley up by pairing it with a vest or blazer for a professional or sophisticated look. For another styles, men can wear them underneath chambray, sweatshirts, fleece, or flannel shirts or jackets. And for skater look, young men also can wear henley shirts with two or three buttons up by the neckline.

Insight ‘Primetime’ Henley

Threads For Thought Herringbone V-Neck Henley
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For the color of henley shirt is limited because it is not one of the most popular shirts by volume. At this point the color options are down to just a handful of the most popular colors. If you want to purchase, there are some online stores/retailers that offers henley shirts for men. With various designs you can buy a henley shirt that the most you like.  after all, choose the henley shirt if you are looking for something out of the norm and if you enjoy the style.