Hemp Bracelets

Bracelets always look great and they can be your best style statement. Many of you must be crazy about pearl bracelets, diamond bracelets, beaded bracelets, even the trendy rubber bracelets. But don’t forget about a hemp bracelet, these bracelets are popular among teenagers today. They are also popular during spring and summer months. They are often available for purchase in beach-side tourist shops, as well as in gift shops at amusement and water parks. Hemp bracelets are made with natural-colored hemp twine. Hemp is a plant from the Cannabis genus and it can be used for so many things. There are several different types of hemp bracelet knots that can be used.

If you want to make a hemp bracelet then it is essential to learn the basic knots. Once you have perfected the art of making these knots, you can alternate between these knots to make different patterns. The first basic knot of hemp bracelets; half knot. Four strands of hemp twine are required to make this basic knot. Let’s call these outer strands as A and D and the strands placed between the two outer strands as filler strands B and C. Hold strand A and move it over the filler cords B and C and the outer strand D. The next step is to move the strand D and take it under the filler cords. Pass it through the loop made by strand A. Now take the strand A in your right hand, and strand D in your left hand, let the filler cords stay in their position and then pull strand A and D to make a knot. On the other hand, to make a square knot, all you need to do is move the outer strands over the filler cords, pass them through the loop and pull the outer strands. A square knot is basically created by making two half knots. Knowledge about the square knotting technique can help you in making beautiful patterns.

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Another designs/knots of hemp bracelets;switch knot. To make this knot, place filler cords at a distance. Get hold of the outer strands and move them over the filler cords. Now these outer strands are placed between the filler cords. The cords have switched places and therefore, this knot is referred to as switch knot. By switching the cords and making square knots, you can make beautiful patterns. And overhead knot can be your another option. to make the overhead knot, take the length of hemp twine and make a loop so that one end circles over the other end. Slip one end of the cord under the loop and then slip it through the loop. Tighten it to make the overhand knot. After all, don’t be afraid to express your creativity and come up with unique hemp bracelet designs. Choosing unusual beads to add to your bracelets is a way to make the bracelets you create from hemp twine creative and personalized. Once you gain experience making bracelets from hemp, you may want to make them for gifts using beads in the recipients’ favor colors.