Headwraps are one of fashion accessories that are easy to wear and can change your overall look with just one simple, inexpensive piece of fabric. They also serve as a fun and attractive way to hide hair loss on women. Headwraps can be used in a variety of ways to make a variety of statements or just to have some fun with a new and different easy hairstyle. Headwraps are also popular with people who engage in activities that require helmets, such as riding motorcycles, because they keep hair from getting tangled and bald heads from becoming irritated from sweat and heat. Some people who have lost some or all of their hair use head wraps to prevent the hair loss from being as obvious.

Headwraps have their origins in several different locations around the globe. Headwraps are also have traditionally been a beautiful African method of adornment that could indicate wealth, social status, prosperity or spirituality. Lately, headwraps have been adopted in a simpler form than either of their elaborate predecessors and are popular with a wide variety of ethnic and social groups. To wear a headwrap, you can use your head wrap to keep your hair out of your face, like how you’d use a headband. Head wraps are much wider, giving a more chic and fashion-forward look. Just fold your head wrap into thirds. You can play with the width to find what looks best on you. Pull the head wrap around your forehead, using it to hold your hair off your forehead. If you’ve chosen a thicker wrap, try teasing your hair at the crown to create more volume up and away from your face. If you have a thinner wrap, straighten your hair and let it hang by your face instead.

Knotted Floral Chiffon Headwrap

Knotted Metallic Headwrap

Sequined Floral Headwrap

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When you are purchasing a head wrap, consider how and when you want to wear it. They are not generally considered professional attire, for example, and should not be worn in the office as a rule. Also, if you are going to use your wrap for a practical purpose, such as keeping your head from being chafed by a helmet, then you may want to avoid rhinestones and other textured embellishments that could rub off under the helmet. You can also find a wide variety of head wraps at thrift stores. Re-purpose old scarves to make them into vintage head wraps. Depending on how you fold them you, can make your own head wraps from ribbons and scarves that you already have. You must have to know that these headwraps can be purchased ready-made. Headwraps have been used throughout the centuries as adornments signifying both social and religious status. Today, many women use head wraps as a fashion statement. They add style and flair to any outfit.