Hazel Eyes Makeup

Hazel eyes are beautiful and come in a wide range of shades. Normally, hazel eyes have flecks of color in them from brown, green and gold to gray. Makeup is fun to work with for women with hazel eyes because a variety of shades can be worn to play up the various eye colors. Choosing the right shades for hazel eye makeup is essential so that the natural hazel color of the eye is highlighted and enhanced. Using the wrong shades can completely ruin the look of the eyes and at times, of the rest of the makeup too. It’s important to know the right combination of shades that should be used as eye makeup for hazel eyes. The shades of eyeshadow, eyeliners and mascara should be well coordinated to result in a good eye makeup for hazel eyes.

Eyeliner   : A dark brown eyeliner would be the best for hazel eye makeup, though other shades like green would also work just fine. However, make sure that the eye liner color that you use is not an extreme contrast with the eye shadow that you are using. Black or gray are also the other good options for an eyeliner to use as a make-up for hazel eyes. Green eyeliner can be used in case you want a dramatized or smoky eye look for your hazel eyes.

Eyeshadow  : The basic and important function of an eyeshadow is to conceal the dark circles under eyes as well as define the shape of the eyes. Since here we are concerned with makeup for hazel eyes, emphasis is on the eye only. Mauve, lighter shades of purple and brown, pearl, peach, beige or light pink colors suits the hazel eye the best. In short choose more translucent colors while going in for makeup for hazel eyes. Light green, lilac and tones of plum can also be experimented with. These are safe colors too. The darker shades of these can be used for the night or evening time parties or get-togethers. Another tip for daytime usage is to opt for light blue or faint gray color eyeshadow. This will give you almost a no-makeup look.

Mascara  : Mascara is also one of the important constituent in case of eye makeup for hazel eyes. Mascara makes the eyes look wider and more ‘awake’. Many people wonder how to apply mascara to hazel eyes, but the method is exactly same as it is in the case of all other eye colors. Again black and brown colors are the right choice for your eye color. You can even blend them together for a smoky look. If you want to try something different, go for purple mascara. This will help to bring out the greenish color in your eyes.

One thumb rule while applying lipstick after a good eye makeup is that, dark shades of lipstick must be avoided. You can apply light pink colored lip gloss to enhance the looks and avoid making the makeup too dramatic. These were some of the good hazel eyes makeup. Use the right color and the right make up and make those hazel eyes look gorgeous.