Halloween Costume Ideas 2012

Every year as Halloween gets closer, people across the country have one thing on their mind for holiday celebrations: coming up with a fantastic and creative costume idea. This year, Halloween costume doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still have a fun and enjoyable Halloween celebration. All it takes is a bit of planning. For more, here are some Halloween custome ideas 2012 only meant for you.

For Women

This is the go-to for most women costumes on Halloween. The costume is simple: take any profession (police officer, doctor, nurse, lawyer, even construction worker) and make it sexy by shortening the skirt or pants and lowering the neckline. Playful accents (handcuffs for a cop, whip for a lawyer) up the sexiness factor. Another classic is the Cute Animal costume. This can be a cat (black bodysuit, cat ears, and drawn-on whiskers), a bunny (bunny ears and a little white tail), or even something more exotic like a panda (painted-on panda face and mitten paws). The trick is simply to pick a couple of attributes of the animal and emphasize them in your costume without getting too realistic or too cutesy. Or you can wear box office movie costumes, and  i suggest you to choose Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games movie or Marida from the brave to go. 🙂

The Brave

The Hunger Games

For Men

Halloween Costume ideas 2012 for men, they can wear rock star costumes to go. Copy the signature look of a famous rock star. For example, you might dress like Elvis Presley in his 1968 comeback special, wearing black leather and large sideburns. Alternatively, wear a black and white sequined outfit with a single white glove to recall Michael Jackson’s performance in Motown 25. To dress like Jimi Hendrix, wear a right-handed Fender Stratocaster guitar backward and don a frizzy Afro wig and fringed shirt. Or,  for simple, dress up as an athlete. If you have ever played a sport you can wear an old uniform of your own, or you can borrow or purchase a uniform. Pick your favorite sport: football, baseball or even soccer. You might even want to dress as your favorite player from your favorite sports team. If you are a Star Wars fan, dressing up like an Imperial Stormtrooper, Chewbacca or even Darth Vader are a few great ideas.  You can sport your love for Star Wars, and look great while doing it. Costume stores and online sites carry Star Wars costumes. 🙂

And here’s another ideas of Halloween costumes for 2012.

When deciding Hallowen costume ideas, try to consider your overall personality.  Perhaps some Halloween costumes ideas 2012 above will help you to decide.  Halloween costumes can be fun to break out of your comfort zone, you might not enjoy wearing a French maid’s costume to your party if your normal attire is much less provocative. Choose a costume that will make you feel happy and confident throughout the evening.Cheers!