Half Sleeve Tattoos

Tattooing is a body art in a true sense, you can just think of getting one inked on your body and you have a number of options in terms of its placement, designs and colors. While tattooing is not at all limited to specific body part its dimensions are also increasing day by day. Some time earlier, having a long tattoo covering your entire arm was not so common. Today it a popular trend. You can see people donning tattoos that cover their entire back, complete leg or arms. Earlier one small solitary tattoo design of a skull or a snake could be seen on the arms of bikers but nowadays half sleeve tattoo designs are the latest craze. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a skateboarder or an investment banker intriguing half sleeve tattoo designs will make you look cool. Half-sleeve tattoos typically refer to a tattoo that wraps completely around the upper arm from shoulder to elbow or half the arm. However, some people will also refer to a tattoo that wraps around the arm from elbow to wrist as a half sleeve tattoo, but others call tattoos in this area a quarter sleeve tattoo because the lower arm is smaller than the upper arm. Half-sleeve tattoos can be pre-planned or can be designed by utilizing existing pieces and connecting them together with more pieces or a background.

Celtic Tattoo: The Celtic sleeve tattoos have quite a history, they are believed to be existing since the time of cave paintings. Getting a half sleeve tattoo interlaced with Celtic designs like the cross or the shamrock is a great tattoo sleeve idea. The Celtic knot is also an interesting design to have. These knots do not have a beginning or end and represent the amalgamation of the spirit and body.

Japanese Tattoo:  Japanese tattoos are well-known for their intricate designs and deep meanings associated with their tattoos. The list of Japanese tattoo designs is quite long, which includes dragon tattoos, hannya mask tattoos, koi fish tattoos, cheery blossoms, etc.

Tribal Tattoo: Tribal tattoos with their bold aggressive designs, make for some good tattoo ideas for a half sleeve tattoo. These tattoos look better on men than women, due to their dark colors and thick lines. Tribal tattoo designs are symmetrical and most of these tattoos are black in color. You can go for a Hawaiian tribal tattoo, Maori tribal tattoo, Aztec tribal tattoo or Polynesian tattoo. Each tattoo belongs to a certain tribe that has unique characteristics related to it.

Floral Tattoo: Flowers make some of the best feminine tattoo designs. They provide a great scope for using various colors and artistic designs. There are plenty of design variations and patterns, that can be made with flower tattoos. Combination of flower tattoo with butterfly tattoos and vine tattoos makes a good tattoo design.

Half sleeve tattoo is a rage nowadays with more and more people opting for this unique art form. Since the process of tattooing involves the usage of needles and puncturing the skin there is a risk of infections and allergies so guard yourself against these. It is imperative that you choose a hygienic tattoo parlor which uses sterilized equipment to avoid contracting infections.