Guayabera Shirts

The Guayabera is a shirt that was popular during the 1940s and 1950s, in the era before Fidel Castro became the leader of Cuba. A Guayabera is a style of men’s formal shirt that is traditionally worn in several countries, including Latin America, the Caribbean, West Indies, Philippines, parts of Asia and Zimbabwe. The Guayabera shirt, also known as the Havana shirt or the cigar shirt, and sometimes referred asĀ Mexican wedding shirt, is the official men’s garment, and has survived to the present time.

A set of two or four large front pockets is the major feature of a Guayabera. This shirt also feature two vertical rows of pleats in the front and back. And for the fabrics, Guayabera shirts may be constructed from any lightweight fabric in any color. Popular fabrics include cotton, silk, polyester, and linen. Traditionally, the shirt was made in white, pastels, and earth tones, but currently any color may be produced. High-quality shirts are usually made from linen, but the most common fabric is a poly-cotton blend, which is popular both for its breathability and its durability. But today, they can be found in a range of natural/synthetic materials and available in a wide array of colors.

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To wear a Guayabera shirt, choose a pair of pants to match the occasion and the guayabera. Make sure the colors and the fabrics go together. Guayaberas typically are light in color and made of linen, so they can be worn with dress pants or khakis, or they can dress up a pair of jeans. Or you can put on an undershirt first as the Guayaberas can be thin. Then put on the Guayabera, button all but the top button, and do not tuck it in. The bottom is seamed and designed to be worn outside the pants. For beach wedding? you can go pair the shirt with a nice pair of sandals or dress shoes, depending on the event and location. Sandals are fine for a beach wedding but would be inappropriate for a more formal setting. A Guayabera shirt may be seen occasionally in almost any country, and has become a common style of clothing the world over.