Grim Reaper Tattoos

There are many kinds of horrific tattoos that are generally worn by people today. And one of the most horrific, yet voguish ones are grim reaper tattoos. The Grim Reaper is often depicted as a skeleton in a black robe, carrying a large scythe and ready to strike the next soul at any moment. This imagery has been a popular personification of the natural phenomena called death for a really long time and eventually found its way in the world of tattooing. Essentially, death is neither evil nor good. The reaper’s main job is simply to fetch the souls at the fated moment and lead them to their final resting place. Impressions and preconceived ideas about death perhaps led to the establishment of skeletal figures as suitable grim reaper images. Today, grim reaper tattoo designs incorporate other elements like colors and flowers to enhance the aesthetic appeal of this classic image.

The basic grim reaper tattoo designs is consists of a skeleton with a scythe, in a dark robe. The scythe represents its job of taking souls, and his outlook symbolizes the dead. Sometimes the eyes are shown with fire burning inside, emanating light from the afterlife. Although Grim Reapers are basically seen as pale or black & white figures, they can be made more exciting by adding colors and other elements. As for colors, red looks good in the image of Death itself – you can add a red robe, a rose, flames, or blood to the design. As for other elements, a graveyard, a gloomy tree looks good in the background. The scythe and hands can be complemented with dices, or more commonly an hourglass. Usually people get these designs inked in colors of gray and black color. However there are many who prefer to get it done in different colors like red, purple, orange, yellow and green

The idea of choosing from the innumerable grim reaper tattoo designs is to find something you can relate to but first, think about why you want to get this particular tattoo because this tattoo will be etched on your skin for all your life. Take all the time you need to come up with a design that you want. By looking at the designs at the tattoo parlor or online, you will get an idea of what you want and you will be able to create something unique. These grim reaper tattoo designs can also be worn small or big, depending on the space available on the part of your body. Whichever grim reaper tattoo design you choose to wear, it will always relate to our life being mortal.