Graduation Cap and Gown

An exciting time in a young adult’s life is when she/he finally gets to don a graduation cap and gown. After four years of hard work, these stuff are welcome addition to any teen’s wardrobe. High schools tend to select graduation cap and gown colors to reflect school colors. However, some students wear gowns in their senior class colors, a selection voted on along with other favorites like class song and class flower. Yet another option is to dress students in a neutral color like black or white. Some schools choose one color of gown for all students to wear, while others pick one color for male students and a coordinating color for female students.

To wear your graduation cap and gown properly, first of all, you need to order the correct size. Most schools require that you order a cap and gown to ensure you receive one that will fit you correctly. This requires that you provide both height and weight measurements when ordering to ensure that the gown isn’t too long and fits around you comfortably. In addition, you can order what size of cap you need to fit on your head. Generally the individual at your school who oversees the cap and gown ordering can help you pick out which size of cap you need, based on the size of your head. Then, plan what to wear underneath. While you may be more focused on making sure that your cap and gown fit, you do need to plan what you are going to wear underneath it. You will want to take into consideration what color your cap and gown are and plan something that will look good with that color. Black pants will look much better than orange pants, if your cap and gown is red.  Avoid casual clothing. Male students should wear a pair of slacks or khakis along with a dress shirt and tie. A suit jacket is usually unnecessary. Female students should wear a dress, a skirt and a blouse, or slacks and a blouse. And don’t forget to secure the cap with bobby pins. Getting your cap to stay on can be a challenge even if you ordered the right size. Before the ceremony starts, use a few bobby pins to connect the cap to your hair and hold it in place. Then when you get ready to throw your cap in the air at the end of the ceremony, you can easily just remove the bobby pins and toss it up.

If you feel funny dressed up in your graduation cap and gown, it’s okay. Most other graduates feel the same way. You actually just need two thing when you wearing graduation cap and gown, and it is; Happy and Confidence. As the most important day of your life, graduation can not be something that is underrated. So,plan and prepare your graduation cap and gown properly.