Golf Clothes

Golf is a sport that has a particular fashion and a particular style all of its own. Getting good golf clothing is an important part of playing the game. If you apparel does not fit well or does not properly protect you from the weather, it can create a distraction while playing. If your clothes are uncomfortable, it can also greatly affect your playing time. Here we will look at some tips to help you pick the best golf clothes so you look the part and so you can play your best.

When selecting your golf clothes, you should be mindful that the clothing isn’t too limited. There’s nothing worse than clothes that is too tight, particularly on the golf course.

For men; Men have a relatively simple dress code: A shirt with a collar and slacks. T-shirts, blue jeans, and cut-offs are not allowed on most courses. The shirt can be a pull-over polo shirt, and it can be long or short-sleeved. Slacks, not denim, are appropriate. Shorts are tolerated provided they are tailored specifically for golf. If you do wear shorts you will need to coordinate them with the color of your socks.

For women; Women’s attire for golf has a few more considerations given the greater range of styles available for them. Collared shirts are preferred but not absolutely required, but tank tops are not allowed, and neither are tops that expose a woman’s midriff. Like with men’s golf clothing, a polo shirt will work fine. Colors for women’s golf wear can be bright but it is a good idea to choose just one bright color if you want to look really stylish. Women also can wear either slacks or a skirt. There is now a hybrid of shorts and skirt, called a “skort”, which a lot of women are choosing to wear in order to maintain a feminine appearance on the course.

For the shoes; Shoes are an important aspect for any golfer. Whether you are an amateur or intermediate player, it is essential to wear the right set of shoes. It should be comfortable, good quality, and able to handle well on all types of surfaces. You can buy shoes at almost any store, but golfing shoes will need to be bought at a sports shop. Tennis shoes are suitable for most areas, but you can also get specialized golfing shoes that are made for walking on grass and muddy areas. If you are walking for a long time, the shoes need to be comfortable to prevent blisters.

For the hat; Most golfers wear hats to protect their faces and necks from the sun–either a baseball-style cap or a straw hat with a wider brim. Hats are certainly not required, but more golfers wear them than don’t. Again, if you’d prefer to fit in, a baseball-style cap would be the best choice. Some golfers, male and female, prefer to wear visors, which are another acceptable headwear choice.



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When you pick out your golf clothes, make sure it is not too restrictive. Your golf swing depends on your body moving in a fluid, smooth motion, which means you will need room to move around in your clothing. When you are on the golf course, the last thing you want is clothing that is too tight. Your clothing also should be made of lightweight, breathable fabrics – especially if you play golf in cold weather. Most golf clothing manufacturers know this so it should be pretty easy to find the correct clothing. After all, the most important selection consideration is to get clothing that fits your personal style, so you don’t feel self-conscious on the course. Take your time and get the style you will feel comfortable with. Make sure to review all the selections available before making your purchase.