Glitz Pageant Dresses for Little Girls

Glitz beauty pageants are known for big hair, big smiles and flashy glitz dresses. These pageants often feature talent, swimsuit and dress competitions, and girls are encouraged to wear makeup and heavily embellished dresses. Little girl glitz pageant dresses are an essential for tiny beauty contestants. The right dress is the difference between a first place trophy and a total loss. The key to snagging the perfect dress at the best price is to look for special offers.

And also, remember that your little girl may not wear these extremely ornate dresses as much as other clothing, but there are few things as satisfying to a parent’s heart as dressing up their precious child in dazzling fairy princess type garments. Some things to consider when buying pageant glitz dressesĀ  for little girlsĀ  are what types of sleeves the dress should have and how long the skirt should be. Sleeveless styles are perennial favorites, but tiny cap sleeves or short sleeves give dresses an almost sheer look with just a hint of coverage.

Blue Glitz Pageant Dress

Glitz Pageant Cupcake Dress

National Glitz Pageant Dress Custom Order by Nana Marie Designs

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Pageant glitz dresses for little girls are the main attraction and a key part of pageant strategy, remember to include funds in your budget for accessories to complete the look. Slips and crinolines make the dresses look better. Shoes, socks, or tights are other crucial components. Fun accessories like hair bands and bows or tiaras are always good choices as is complementary pageant jewelry.