Gladiator Sandals for Women

If you’ve ever seen a pair of gladiator sandals, you’ll recognize them instantly. Gladiator sandals are t-strap sandals with several straps running across the front of the foot. These sandals were favored by Ancient Greeks and Romans, and when Greco-Roman trends pop up in fashion, gladiator sandals are usually not far behind. Today, they¬†more often used by women in summer months. These strappy sandals are anything but delicate. Unlike skinny straps for women, gladiator sandals feature heavier straps, which makes them the perfect footwear. Originally made of leather, this gladiator sandal is now available in many colors and materials and can be paired with casual and formal outfits.

Gladiator sandal come in a wide variety of styles, to satisfy all types. Leather, rattan, and plastic can all be used, in an assortment of colors from classic tan to metallic. It is also not uncommon to see embellishments such as embroidery, stamping, or beading on gladiator sandals. To wear gladiator sandal, women can mix and match with any outfits. For women, you can pair knee-high gladiator sandals with a simple black or white dress, allowing the sandals to take center stage. Use neutral tones such as black, white or brown so as not to overpower your look. Avoid wearing knee-high gladiator sandals if you have thick ankles or short legs, as this strappy look will accentuate these features. Fasten a color-coordinated or matching belt around your waist. Then, aim for a bohemian look with brown leather gladiator sandals. These sandals, when worn with a lightweight cotton dress, portray a laid-back vibe that works well during the spring or summer months. Also, you can pair heeled gladiators with a pair of skinny jeans to increase your height, or wear flat, low-profile gladiators with a maxi dress or long skirt. Show off your adventurous side by combining your metallic, heeled gladiators with a cocktail dress for a beachfront wedding. Adopt the laissez-faire look often modeled by celebrities by wearing sandals of a bright color not seen elsewhere in your outfit, or appear sophisticated in a patterned dress and solid-color, matching gladiators.

When worn appropriately, gladiator sandal can make a lasting impression. Available in a variety of colors, lengths, materials and price ranges, gladiator sandals are versatile and unique for women. Whether they are ankle-high, mid-calf or knee-high, brown or black leather, metallic or snakeskin, gladiator sandals have the ability to make you feel confident, sophisticated, laid-back or youthful. Enjoy the trendiness of gladiator sandals while you can, as they go in and out of fashion just like any other shoe.