Full Sleeve Tattoos

Tattoos have already spread into global proportions, capturing the interest of a multitude of people from different countries – including rock stars, celebrities and other well known personalities. Not only does it provide a distinctive feature for the person wearing it but a tattoo is also one way to communicate an individual’s personality. After all, history has revealed that tattoos were once used to signify a person’s status. It’s basically the same nowadays;only that technology has granted us better and bigger access to skin art. The internet has taken that one step further and provided tattoo enthusiasts to communicate, talk, swap ideas, comments and tattoo designs with each other. One type of tattoo that is making waves today is the full sleeve tattoo. Full sleeve tattoos run from the shoulder to the wrist and are a symbol of the wearer’s dedication to body art and modification. They are executed in a variety of themes and styles including color, blackwork and greys.

The term “full-sleeve” refers to a densely tattooed area that starts at or near the shoulder and continues to the wrist, as if it were the sleeve of a shirt. The actual size of the artistic elements varies, one person may have a long snake running the length of their arm, while another person may prefer a number of designs at different intervals. The artwork used in a full sleeve tattoo is based on personal preference. It may be one cohesive piece linked by a common theme or a number of tattoos gotten over time that are different in style but bound together by decorative artwork between the pieces. A full range of ink colors can be used, from muted blacks and grays to bright hues like oranges and yellows. There is a number of full sleeve tattoo designs, for instance, one of the popular themes of full sleeve tattoo design is the Koi fish tattoo. The blue color background of the water with the beautiful orange koi fish on it; is a beautiful design. It is a cool tattoo design with full of life in it. The koi fish represents power, strength and individuality. It shows the struggle that every person goes through in life and still striving to live better. The deep meaning of this tattoo can attract the girls. That is the reason why men love to have one of these tattoos. The full sleeve tattoos will most likely take a couple of weeks to complete (sometimes even months or longer). This largely depends on how elaborate the design is and pain tolerance. It is important that you allow healing time from swelling to get the best results.

However, before going for a full sleeve tattoo, you might want to take a look around, see different patterns, compare designs and talk with other tattoo enthusiasts before settling on one. After all, you’re going to be living with your tattoo for a long, long time, so it might be best to get one that you would really love. Take your time deciding on what design to use, talk it out with your favorite tattoo artist before acquiring that awesome arm art. You might want to make a story out of it and that’s excellent too. With a bit of thinking, a full sleeve tattoo can be a major distinctive factor for those who have it, elevating a person’s uniqueness and his or her sense of style. Full sleeve tattoos are beautiful tattoos with a great meaning.