Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Embroidery thread bracelets are also know as friendship bracelets. The bracelet patterns range from easy to very advanced and can be completed by children and adults alike. They are called friendship bracelets because children often learn how to knot the bracelets and give them away as tokens of friendship. Friendship bracelets are fun to exchange with your friends and show others your bond. Creating one is also a great way to pass the time while gossiping on a field trip or surviving study hall. The bracelets are created using embroidery thread (or floss) and can be any colour that you desire. The different patterns of friendship bracelets have originated from this old tradition of knot-art.

There are many different friendship bracelet patterns. Choose one of an easy friendship bracelet patterns based on your skill level. The key is to experiment with different projects until you create a bracelet you feel is good enough to give to a friend. Make your own friendship bracelet will need some things such as; Embroidery floss (2-3 colors), Safety pin/Masking tape/Clipboard and Scissors. Then getting started with cut a bundle of strings of your choice so that they are all uniform in length. The length can be as long as you would like, but at least one and a half times as long as the diameter of your wrist. Tie a knot at one end of the bundle of strings and tape it to a flat surface.

The first easy friendship bracelet patterns; braided type. To make a simple braided bracelet, divide the string bundle into three sections: Section A is the left section, Section B is the middle and Section C is the right section. Lift Section A up and over Section B so that Section B is on the left and Section A is in the middle. Lift Section C up and over Section A so that Section A is on the right and Section C is the new middle. Repeat the pattern until the bracelet has reached the desired length.

Then another easy friendship bracelet patterns; chevron type. And the instructions; with a variety of colors, cut one strand each to a desired length (recommended 50” approximately for this pattern). Make a loop and knot at the top of the strands, by folding it half in half. Pin the knot to the pillow. Arrange all the colors as 12345 54321. Suppose you chose blue (1), yellow (2), green (3), purple (4), brown (5), start with blue as the outer strand first. Start on the right using the blue strand and make 4 backward knots. Now from the left blue strand make 5 forward knots. The 5th knot is supposed to join the blue strand at the center. Hence the color will be arranged as 23451 15432. In this manner continue all the above few steps till you reach the desired length of the bracelet. In the last step you will have to section the strands in two equal sections and braid them in each group.

You can also make a friendship bracelet quickly, with one of the most basic friendship bracelet patterns; candy stripe pattern. A candy stripe pattern produces a diagonal striped bracelet and is made by tying half-hitch knots around each strand of embroidery floss. The candy stripe pattern can be made with two, three or four colors and the widths of the stripes can be changed by changing the order of the colors used. The candy stripe would be a good pattern for a first-time friendship bracelet maker.

One belief associated with friendship bracelets is that they fulfill the wish of the recipient. Bracelets should, however, fall off naturally. These above are some easy friendship bracelet patterns would prove to be useful and help in strengthening friendships, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make one for your best friend! Cheers!