French Cuff Shirts for Men

French cuff shirts are among the most formal dress option for men. French cuff shirts were originally a mark of more formal wear, only appropriate when also wearing a suit and tie. However, as times change, so does fashion, and modern men’s attire has seen them appear not only without a suitcoat but even without a tie. There seems to be a definite sense of “ease vs. style” when making this kind of choice. A button cuff is much easier to wear,  no folding of sleeves or cufflinks getting lost. However, the fashion statement that a French cuff makes about a man is worth it, and will tend to set a man apart from the majority of his fellows. It also gives an additional accessory to the ensemble, in the form of cufflinks. This added form of expression makes the French cuff more and more popular. These French cuff shirts for men are definitely can make a bold statement for a man’s own fashion identity.

French cuff shirts for men are also quintessentially stylish and the perfect touch for formal business wear. When combined with funky colors and fashionable prints, they can be the mark of a seriously fashionable man. Dress them up or dress them down, French cuff shirts for men are an essential. Because they aren’t that common, many men don’t actually know how to wear French cuff shirts. For the tips: Dress shirts with a white collar and French cuffs look amazing, especially with darker or lighter color solids. Another perfect look is a check, stripe or plaid that contrasts with the white, as a red and white stripe or white and blue checks. The contrast with the white cuff shirt and then you can contrast the cuff by selecting a cufflink that is the color of the plaid and stripe. Never, wear your French cuff shirt without cufflinks, (Unless you bring up to any new idea.) Also, make sure your wrists are not stained, dirty, wrinkled or creased. Experience with color. Men tend to stick with classic white shirt. French cuff shirts with solid colors, checks, plaids, and stripes each lend a different look and feel. You will receive compliments on your unique flair and style. And also, French cuffs are dressy and look best when worn with a dressy collar like a wide spread collar or a tab collar.

When you go out to buy a new French cuff shirts for men, you should always take your favorite cufflinks with you. This way you’ll be able to match the shirts with the cufflinks and also make sure they function well together. You will be able to find a variety of colors and styles in these shirts as you would any other shirt you are shopping for. This kind of shirt can also be worn anywhere that you would wear any other long button down shirt. Some people may feel that it is a little to formal to wear such a shirt but it is really not. It is a great way to make a fashion statement. These shirts are usually found in the more fancy stores, the mid to high end stores. Like most clothing, it’s always best to purchase from a place where you can try on the clothes before you head out to set the style yourself.