Floppy Hats for Girls

During summer days and on trips to the beach, the Sun can be brutal. Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, heat stroke and heat exhaustion as well as dehydration. Along with drinking plenty of water and wearing sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, like floppy hats, can protect you from the dangers of overexposure to sunlight.

A floppy hat, also called a bucket hat, can help protect your face from the sun, while also being stylish. There are many types of floppy hats that you can purchase online.


The chic cloche hat (from the French word for “bell”) originated in 1907 as a close-fitting lady’s hat of soft woven fabric such as felt. Cloches were very popular in the 1920s and continue to attract a following to this day for their flattering design and soft, floppy feel. Essentially brimless, the cloche is meant to be angled low over the eye to increase a haughty tilt to the wearer’s head.

Straw Sun Hat

Omnipresent at beach resorts and poolsides, the wide-brimmed soft straw sun hat likely had its origin in the Panama hats popularized in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Descendants of the more structured Italian boater hats immortalized by the Impressionist painters, the Panama for men and later the sun hat for women were made of supple straw woven to be more flexible, increasing the comfort of the wearer for less formal outings. Equally appropriate with a sundress or swimsuit, the sun hat provides a touch of glamor and protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Crocheted Hats

Made without a stiff form or structure, crocheted floppy hats are perhaps the softest of all. Made from yarn in wool or acrylic, crocheted hats fit close to the head and may have a soft brim or be a brimless beanie. Particularly stylish on a child or young girl, crocheted hats may be embellished with a daisy or pompom and worn for warmth in winter or simply as an accessory.

Floppy Hats for Girls

Hats have always been an integral part of fashion. And floppy hats are definitely gorgeous accessories that can give you a perfect look in summer season. Floppy hats are casual and stylish. This type of headgear is easy to pack for a trip, since most floppy hats are crushable and retain their shapes well.  For summer styles this is a must have! wear them to suit your attire and make your own fashion statement. Cheers!