First Communion Dresses

Making your First Communion is a big step in the life of a Catholic. It is one of the seven sacraments recognized by the Catholic Church. A Catholic must first be Baptized and receive their first holy reconciliation before they can receive their First Communion. The first communion dresses must be appropriate attire for church. Many parishes or churches have rules regarding skirt length, sleeves, veils and other embellishments. It is wise to contact the church office before selecting a first communion dress to ensure that the dress meets all requirements.  First Communion dresses resemble small wedding dresses. They are all white and typically adorned with some type of design or beading. Different styles include tea length, knee length and full length. Sleeves range from long sleeves to short sleeves and no sleeves. The dress is worn with a veil, white shoes and usually white tights. First Holy Communion dresses are available in Catholic and Christian religious supply stores.

Traditional First Communion Dresses

The best traditional first communion dresses are entirely white. These dresses will have a skirt that is at least knee length. Traditional first communion dresses usually have long sleeves and a neckline that goes to the base of the throat. Traditional first communion dresses are usually worn with a white veil that falls to the middle of the back. Gloves are also a good choice when dressing in a traditional style for first holy communion, although some parishes ask that they be removed during the ceremony.

Modern First Communion Dresses

The best modern first communion dresses are usually primarily white, but they may have colored embellishments such as sashes, embroidery or flowers. Modern first communion dresses may have slightly shorter skirts and lower necklines than their traditional counterparts, but are still church and age appropriate. A modern first communion dress may also have cap sleeves or spaghetti straps. If the dress does have spaghetti straps or is sleeveless, it is advisable to wear a shrug or wrap during the actual ceremony.

Adult First Communion Dresses

When the first communion recipient is an adult, it is most common for the first communion dress to be a regular dress such as one that might be worn for Easter Sunday services. It is especially important for an adult first communion recipient to be mindful of hemlines and necklines. If, however, an adult wishes to wear a traditional first communion dress she may. There are multiple online vendors that specialize in first communion dresses and accessories in adult sizes.

  1. Your church will probably have guidelines to follow for the dress, such as the proper length for the skirt and the sleeves. If you haven’t received instructions, consult with the church on what it feels is appropriate dress. Check with your clergy members if you have any questions about attire.
  2. Shop for the dress at a department store since this is a special occasion. You can also purchase it at a bridal shop or a store that specializes in First Communion dresses, where experienced salespeople can help you make a selection.
  3. Holy Communion is a rite of passage for your daughter, so help her feel involved in the ritual. You’ll have final say over her attire, but let her pick her dress and accessories instead of telling her what to wear. Make it a special outing to go shopping and then do something fun afterward.
  4. If your budget allows you to be extravagant with your daughter’s dress, it’s your decision how much you spend. Keep in mind that, given the type of gown and your child’s age, it’s best to limit your spending to a few hundred dollars at the most since she likely will only wear the dress once.


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Also, find all accessories you need to go with the dress. All whites are not the same and you don’t want a bright white veil and an off-white dress, the same goes for shoes, tights and gloves if you need them. Purchase a white sweater or shawl as well. You may or not need it for the First Communion but it is good to be ready for cooler weather and is always a nice item for her wardrobe. For a little girl making her First Communion, picking the right dress is very important. Start trying to find the perfect dress in December or January for a Spring First Communion. First Communion dress shopping can be a great way for parents to spend time with their daughter before the big day!