Finger Tattoos

Looking for short, simple yet cool tattoos?then you definitely can try this; finger tattoos. Finger tattoos have been gaining a lot of popularity among people these days. Though many people sport tattoos on arms, neck, back and abdomen, but finger tattoos are still one of favorite placement for tattoos. And not a few of them choose the unique finger tattoos ideas then made it with another combination to go.

There are several finger tattoos ideas for you. Some ideas of finger tattoos can be made on the front, back or even lateral side of fingers. Then, when it comes to deciding what you want to ink on your fingers, there are a few points that you should consider. Firstly, it is going to be there forever on your finger, so make sure that you choose something that connects to you in a deeper way. Also, avoid choosing complicated designs as finger tattoos tend to fade quite quickly, considering that the space that you have is also limited, avoid a lot of detailing as it may give your tattoo a shabby look. For an example, you can go for name or text finger tattoos. You can inscribe your name or initials on a single finger or on adjacent fingers. If your name is short enough, you can inscribe a single alphabet on each finger and write the compete name as a tattoo. People also love inscribing their and their beloved’s initials on the fingers in the form of tattoo. You can use different texts and even draw small designs alongside in order to personalize it. For text tattoo, take some inspirational words like from quotes, or love messages. These can also be inscribed on fingers in the form of tattoos.

Beside name and text tattoos for fingers, there are another options of finger tattoos ideas that available for women and men. For a few tips; it is essential to put a lot of thought before going for a permanent tattoo, as tattoo removal, specially on fingers, can be very painful. Then, a tattoo should always be made from a certified professional tattoo artist. After all, tattoos can be something that can represent your personality, therefore, choose the best finger tattoos ideas for you.