Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Your eyes are your most distinctive feature. They express who you are and how you feel. Playing up the appearance of your eyes will bring a natural definition to your face. One of the most important tools used in defining your eyes is eye shadow. For those of you who have a beautiful green eyes, you can get a wonderful way to bring out your stunning green eyes with the right application, using eye shadow. You’ll find that warm colors that all excellent choices for green eyes. Metallic colors like copper or gold is a good color to serve as your highlights. Your green eyes will look gorgeous at night if you use these metallic colors. You can also use shades of brown or even better, a more chocolate accent. Shades of plum, dark gray, charcoals and black are also perfect eyeshadow for green eyes.

Find the best eyeshadow color for your eyes based on the kind of green they are and the effect you want to create. One of the best colors of eyeshadow for green eyes that is most commonly used by people with green eyes is brown. Most of the shades available in brown color go well with green eyes, however, one that looks really great is chocolate brown. Also, a lavender or violet eyeshadow with a reddish or pinkish tint brings out the yellow-golden hues in green eyes, while a purple eyeshadow with hints of brown or bronze calls attention to the blue in green eyes. Invest in a highly pigmented formula for eyeshadow that pops.

Once you have chosen the base color that heightens the look of your eyes, the next step is to choose the highlighters. For everyday, using taupe or apricot shade to highlight your eyes is a good choice. Whereas, if you want an evening look, it is best to go for darker shades like metallic, dark purples, mauve, gray with purple undertones, plum, etc. Gold and copper shades are used to achieve a glamorous look. It’s always a good idea to experiment with colors since it allows you to find the right shades that will work for you. Remember bringing attention to your eyes will take a little practice, but with the right eyeshadow for green eyes, the results will be simply stunning.