Eyelash Growth

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then consider eyelashes as the decorative curtains. Long and thick eyelashes make a big impact on anyone’s face by highlighting and framing the eyes, and quite a few consider them the ultimate symbol of beauty. However, it seems only a few seems blessed with genetics to have naturally beautiful lashes. Also, eyelashes continuously fall out and are replaced with new lashes, but as a person gets older eyelash growth slows.


For those of you, a woman who want better eyelashes or increasing the length of your eyelashes naturally, below are a few tips on eyelash growth for you. Keep reading…

Provide the body with proper nourishment, hydration and sleep for a healthy well-being. A multivitamin, proper nutrition, eight hours of sleep and at least eight glasses of water a day will give the body the necessary ingredients for its best performance.

Eat foods that are high in the protein keratin and other essential nutrients as well as and vegetable and fish oils. Such foods include tuna, salmon, oyster, legumes, nuts, meats, eggs, dairy, orange and yellow colored fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, rose hips and seeds. Take a complete multivitamin that includes vitamins C, E, B complex, magnesium, zinc and beta-carotene.

Pure olive oil is also said to help eyelash growth. It has been reported by some women that after a month or two of using olive oil on the eyelashes, the eyelashes are conditioned and show improved health and appearances. Some women swear by emu oil and castor oil. It has been reported that castor oil can stimulate the regrowth of lashes that have fallen out because of illness and some women report that emu oil can not only stimulate longer, thicker growth but conditions lashes as well.

Handle eyelashes with care. Curling lashes, wearing false eyelashes and pulling at lashes does cause them to break and/or fall out. If you are concerned about having thicker lashes, be very gentle with them. Take a break from curling them on a daily basis, bypass the false eyelash glue and break the lash pulling habit.

Avoid the use of cheap, damaging mascara. Treat yourself to quality mascara and apply it sparingly, as these can dry out and leave your lashes brittle. What’s more, improper removal of mascara can lead to eyelash loss.

Use almond oil to speed up eyelash growth. After washing your face nightly and removing all eye makeup, dip a small eyelash brush in the oil and carefully apply it to your eyelash and comb in. Be very carefully so you don’t get it in your eyes. You can also use a Q-tip to drag oil along the lash line to seep into it. A few drops should do the trick massaged into your eyelashes and eyelids. Make sure it does not drip into your eyes. Do this only at night, and leave it to soak in while you sleep. Do this each and every night for four weeks, and you should see a significant difference in the appearance and growth of your eyelashes. Continue doing it for maximum effect for when your eyelashes grow in next.


These were some natural ways to speed up your eyelashes. Eyelash growth can be hard to encourage, but with a variety of natural suggestions and other procedures to create longer, lusher lashes, every woman can have gorgeous eyes with a luxuriant fringe.