Eyelash Curler

Every woman desires to be beautiful and attractive. Most women are regular users of mascara, the make up that makes your eyelashes appear not only longer, but thicker and darker too. However, many of these same women have never tried another beauty tool that can dramatically alter the appearance of eyelashes – the eyelash curler. This is a simple looking hand-run gadget being sold now on the Internet. If you have less than perfect lashes, you can still enhance their appearance by curling. Short or long, curly eyelashes look hot and trendy.

Eye lash curler is a mechanical device, shaped almost similar like a hybrid of scissors hands which have head like a clamp. Each upper and lower part of the clamp has rubbery pad used to prevent eyelash from being yanked out. Regular eyelash curlers are made of solid metal. The clamp is usually formed like a U-shape and comes in different sizes or curvatures. It is used for cosmetic purpose. By putting the eyelash to the curler head and clamp them, the eyes look more opened, dramatic and wide. The history of eyelash curler itself can be traced back to around 1930. However, right now, there are more patented designs, which is quite promising as women have different eyes sizes and shapes thus, need wide variety of eyelash curlers. A typical eyelash curler can be made of plastic or metal. The former is a simple gadget, which is less heavy and cheap to buy. It is very appropriate for ladies that are always on the go because it is very convenient to carry and use. The latter is very appropriate for all other women that need to make their lash curly. Metal is durable and it can retain heat and these are two qualities that these gadgets have.

At first, using an eyelash curler may seem scary, but after a few uses, it will become second nature. Learning how to work with a curler is another step in eyelash care and will greatly help you in putting on your very best face. Here are a few steps to keep in mind before using the eyelash curler.

  1. Wash your eyelashes clean. This keeps your curler clean, and at the same time, helps to achieve that proper curl. Do not makeup your eyes until you have curled your eyelashes, because you might end up smudging the makeup.
  2. Face a mirror. This may sound a bit elementary, but for first time users and even for some veteran users, you have to check if you’ve got all your upper lashes between the curler clamps. Of course you won’t see if it’s near the roots of your lashes, so trust your senses. And you would also need to look at the mirror to check if the curl on the left is the same with the one on the right.
  3. Squeeze the gripper tightly. After situating the eyelash curler over the eyelashes of one eye, squeeze tightly without moving your hand away. If you do, you’ll end up plucking your lashes instead. You only need to squeeze the curler for five to eight seconds. Do the same for the other eye. If it’s not curled enough, repeat the process. And if you’re curious to know, you don’t need to curl your bottom eyelashes.


Those with very straight lashes may want to take advantage of what an eyelash curler has to offer prior to considering riskier procedures involving chemicals that cause blindness. Used in conjunction with a lengthening or curling mascara, a lash curler can make a considerable difference. Even Asian lashes, which are generally without curl, lift with proper use. Pack an eyelash curler in your purse or touch-up bag , one of the effective steps you can take to look refreshed in the middle of a hectic day is to use it. Regular size, manual, all metal, mechanical eyelash curler is the most common. It can be used both unheated and heated by hair dryer. When purchasing this kind of eyelash curler, you must always remember to ask whether the brand has rubber pad replacement. Otherwise, by the time the rubber pad gets dry, you must buy the new tool which can be pricey. In addition to that, as the body of the tool is made from solid metal, it is suggested to use the one that is nickel free to prevent allergy reaction (for some people). Some models also have their body portion encapsulated in rubber to give extra grip when holding. These were some information about eyelash curler. After all, eyelash curler is easy to use, and thus, it requires just a bit of time and patience on your part, to beautify your eyes with it. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an eyelash curler today, and begin experimenting with different looks and make up for your eyes. Cheers!