Eyebrow Waxing

Nicely shaped eyebrows help enhance the beauty of your eyes. But eyebrows can get a bit out of control and plucking them hair by hair can be time consuming and painful. Eyebrow waxing is a good alternative, because though while it’s painful, it’s far quicker, and allows you to shape your eyebrows into the look you want. Eyebrow waxing is a longer-lasting method of brow shaping than tweezing or threading, but the biggest downside of this process is the pain. Rather than pulling out one stray hair at a time, nearly every hair is removed at once, a process that also strips the uppermost layer of skin cells and can be extremely painful. This is especially true for individuals unaccustomed to wax treatments. On the other hand, the pain is temporary is easily soothed, and the results last far longer and stay smoother than with other hair removal methods. Before waxing, it is important to review the different types of wax available and investigate their ingredients for potential allergic reactions. With the proper product, waxing can be easy, but it is also vital to use the proper method to avoid catastrophic results.

If you want to do eyebrow waxing by yourself, then you need get some preparation and use the proper method. There are some methods of eyebrow waxing, such as; sugaring, cold wax and strips, and hot wax. Sugaring, This technique allows you to shape the sugar paste to be more precise in your hair pulling. When you put a strip over the sugar paste and pull it off, it pulls only the hair you wish removed. Cold Wax and Strips, this type of eyebrow waxing allows you to be neat and precise. The wax is on strips that you cut to length and place over the eyebrow hair you wish to remove. And hot wax, as the name applies, the wax needs to be heated before it’s applied. Because of the heat of the wax, it adheres effectively to the hair and when the wax cools, it traps the hair inside it. When you place a strip on top of the wax and remove it, the unwanted eyebrow hair comes with it. The temperature of the wax means that you can spread it exactly where you wish it to go on our eyebrow, making hair removal precise.

Eyebrow waxing can give you the best results as compared to other methods of eyebrow shaping. Also, properly waxed brows can highlight the eyes as a gorgeous focal point. And applying wax to the brows removes dead skin cells and fine tiny hairs. Once you learn the technique, you can do it yourself at home and save the beauty salon costs. So groom your eyebrows and get ready to spice up your looks.