Eyebrow Stencils

Eyebrows are essentially frames for your face so their shape is extremely important. Whether the shape is curved or angled, eyebrows are known for their ability to either soften or harden certain facial features. Many people in the beauty industry consider perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows as essential to good looks as a clear complexion and healthy head of hair. If you want to have groomed eyebrows but don’t want to pay weekly visits to the salon, creating your own eyebrow stencil is the right choice. Eyebrow stencils are just similar to any other stencil and help you do a similar task.

There are various types of eyebrow stencils that available in the market today as this trend is gaining popularity. The most popular and common type of stencils are plastic stencils. Basically these are very sturdy and flexible which gives you ease of using them. These can bend to perfectly fit on your eyebrows. Make sure that the stencil is not too thick which can make it difficult to be used. And pre-waxed stencil is another type of eyebrow stencils which will help you shape the eyebrows, by waxing off rest of the hair, leaving a shaped eyebrow. Also, printable stencils are those available online on various websites. You can choose from a number of stencils and print those you feel are suitable for your face.

Using eyebrow stencils can be just simple. Brush your eyebrow in an upward motion so that the hairs are laying flat against your skin. Align the stencil with the natural start and end points of your eyebrows and press it onto your face firmly. Gradually adjust the stencil until the brow is lined up, holding the ends firmly in place. Tweeze the hairs that are outside of the stencil while continuing to hold the stencil in place. Trim any hairs that extend past the stencil using your manicure scissors. Fill in your brows using a brow pencil or eyeshadow that matches your hair color. Use short dashes to simulate actual hairs rather than solid coloring. Fill in the entire brow, keeping inside the stencil. Remove the stencil carefully and evaluate your work. If there are any stray hairs outside of the stenciled brow, pluck or trim them. Replace the stencil, if necessary, to further refine the shape. Repeat on your other brow. Done.