Eyebrow Shapes

Many women are unhappy with their natural eyebrow shapes and opt for a more subtle, defined, sleek look through various beauty treatments. Before randomly plucking brows or slathering on hot wax, however, it is vital to choose a shape that will compliment and accentuate the eyes. And there are some different type of eyebrow shapes, such as; angled, curved, arched, and flat shaped of eyebrow. For angled shaped, this shape has a striking appeal and is one of the best eyebrow shapes for round faces as it helps to make the face look slimmer. For this reason it even suits wide face cuts well. The eyebrow starts at the inner corner of the eye and moves upward and then it comes down making a steep dramatic slope and ends at the outer edge of the eye.

And the other type of eyebrow shapes; curved shaped. This can add a brighter expression to closely spaced eyes and are suitable for faces with sharp angular features. It helps to soften up the overall appearance. Basically, the shape of a curved eyebrow is the same as that of a half circle. The area of the upward slope and that of the downward slope should be proportional to each other. On the other hand, an arch shaped brow has got a lot of similarity with the angled shaped eyebrow but the edges are not so steep. The best part of arched shaped eyebrows are that it suits almost all types of faces. Then flat shaped eyebrow; in here, the curve of the brow across its length is kept minimum. It appears to be almost like a straight line. If people with widely spaced eyes opt for this eyebrow shape their eyes will appear much closer. It also suits long and narrow facial shapes as the face will look much wider than it actually is.

Eyebrow shapes play a crucial role in making your beautiful eyes look more attractive. Select the right kind of eyebrow shape and create it for yourself. If you are not confident enough to do it yourself, you can take the help of professionals in a beauty salons.