Espadrille Flats

If you are looking for a casual summer shoe, then consider espadrille flats. Espadrille flats are traditionally flat shoes, produced in natural colors. The soles of espadrille flats are usually made out of straw or wood, and the tops of the espadrille flats are made out of fabric, usually cotton. Espadrilles were originally made by hand, and handmade espadrilles are still relatively easy to find. The company Creation Catalane, for example, is owned by two French women who make the espadrille flats by hand. Creation Catalane has been around and creating espadrilles for more than 150 years. Today, espadrille flats are made in platform styles in addition to flat, and feature dyed fabrics in addition to more natural colors.

These flats can be worn by women and men. And wearing your espadrille flat can be just simple. They’re a feminine and fashionable warm-weather style of shoe that work well with shorts or a skirt. But if you need a few tips, here’s for you;  when it come to wearing a espadrille flats, slide the espadrille flats onto your feet. Make sure the fit is comfortable, and the soles do not aggravate your feet. It is perfectly acceptable to add comfort insoles to the shoes to make them easier to wear. Then consider wearing socks if it is a chilly day. Fashion consensus says that full length socks do not compliment espadrilles. Consider a pair of ankle or no-show socks. You may also choose to deliberately defy this fashion “rule” and wear a pair of socks that compliments or contrasts with the color of the espadrilles. Remember that espadrille flats come in a variety of colors, styles and embellishments. Experiment with coordinating your shoes to your outfit.

If you want to purchase, decide what you need before you shop by looking in your closet to see what shoes you already own. Keep your wardrobe in mind. Determine the colors, styles and height of the shoe you are looking for. Then, you can look online at espadrille flats to get an idea of what options may be available in the store and the prices.  Since espadrille flats are a warm weather shoe, the best time to shop is in the winter months. Check the sales racks in your local stores or go online in the off-season for inexpensive prices.