EMU Boots

EMU boots are a popular trend, gorgeous and definitely perfect for winter season. Emu boots originated in Australia and are made from soft sheepskin, which provides good insulation but fares poorly against dirty slush, mud and soot. These boots are typically worn during cold winter months and some styles are simpler than others. They’re comfortable and can be worn with anything from a miniskirt to a pair of your warmest casual pants. For women, there’s a selection of sheepskin, leather, and styles that are a little more dressed up than the rest, though they’re still planted firmly in “casual shoe” territory. There’s a variety of shaft heights, buttons, zippers, and heels to make sure you get what you need from a boot.

Caring EMU boots can be simple. Treat your new EMU boots with water and soil-repellent spray before wearing. Spray sheepskin evenly until wet, but not soaked. Allow boots to dry naturally. Do not place in a clothes dryer or use a blow dryer. Brush the Emu boots with a soft bristle brush to raise the nap. Boots are now ready for wearing. And how to cleaning? Brush loose dirt from boots with a soft-bristled brush when they have become soiled. Remove spots and stains with a commercial sheepskin spot eraser; then brush area again with the soft-bristle brush. Apply cold water on a clean sponge or soft cloth to a really soiled boot. Wet the entire boot but do not soak it. Apply sheepskin cleaner and conditioner as recommended by the manufacturer with a clean, damp sponge or a soft brush. Scrub entire boot. Rinse boot by gently sponging cold water on the Emu boots. Do not soak. Place clean boots in a warm place to dry naturally. Do not use a blow dryer or clothes dryer. Roll a heavy magazine, newspapers or cardboard and place inside the boots to help maintain their shape while drying. Lightly brush Emu boots when dry.

Besides for women, EMU boots are also available for men, and children. There are traditional styles made with water-resistant, thick, soft sheepskin that have an insole inside that promises plenty of comfort and warmth throughout the day. To purchase, you can find them at Amazon, Shoes.com and Sheepskin Shoes in addition to the EMU Australia website. EMU boots offer features for warmth, versatility, and comfort!