Emo Clothing

The Emo clothing style is a mix of hardcore punk and pop that originated from the music of the same name. Popular primarily in the mid-1990s, it eventually became part of the indie movement and was adopted by stars who wanted to make a statement of their uniqueness. A person who belongs to this subculture would define his/her style, which is not always as per the traditional clothing worn by people. Therefore, Emo clothing and fashion is all about developing one’s individual look. This may sometimes make it difficult to pinpoint what is truly Emo, however, there are many stores that specifically cater to this clothing style and also if you need the ideas about how to dress like Emo it is given below.

Emo clothing can never be complete without hoodies. Hooded tops are a characteristic feature of this clothing style. These often come with printed designs or loud graphics. Tight jeans are also a part of this clothing. Girls as well guys also sport these with short sleeved tight T-shirts. The layered look is mainly seen in the Emo culture. Short sleeved colorful tees can be worn over long sleeved Tees. These Tees are either in solid colors or zany prints. Girls also wear scarves with their outfits. These scarves are used to create a fashionable statement and are often knit in solid colors or stripes. Girls also wear heavy slacks. Gas station jackets are often thrown over colorful tees. Many girls also prefer baggy pants and short tees worn with hemp jewelry. Studded belts are often worn with jeans and these belts come with large buckles. Footwear includes canvas sneakers or shoes in black. Skate shoes are also a part of Emo fashion. V-neck sweaters are worn short so that the shirt worn underneath peeps out from below. Emo girls and boys also wear characteristic horn-rimmed glasses. Often, such young girls and boys carry backpacks that are slung across their shoulder. This is also like a trademark of this fashion. Accessories are very important to the emo look. For males, unique belts, chains and pins adorn skinny pants and jeans. Skinny neckties, studded bracelets and thick-rimmed glasses are also favored. For females, emo style is typically characterized by childlike accessories. This may include children’s bracelets, hair barrettes and candy necklaces. Emo fans are sometimes heavily pierced, with piercings in unorthodox locations such as the eyebrow, cheeks, nose and lips.

Shoes that Emo fans wear are typically modest gym sneakers or slip-on shoes in solid colors like black or pink. Converses, Vans and other similar-style sneakers are generally worn with embellishments like brightly colored shoelaces or safety pins. These people also sport some typical hairdos that are easily distinguishable as Emo. Such hairstyles are quite funky in their overall appeal. Spiky hair with some bold dashes of color with loads of highlight and lowlights are some of the current modern styles. Short dyed black hair with straight side swept bangs is also one of the style statements. Or if not, you can immitate some styles of your fave emo star. Many pop stars of today dress in emo clothing, including Hayley Williams (Paramore), Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee (Evanescence). So, if you into Emo style, then Emo clothing is a must for you. Cheers!