ECCO Shoes

Known for clean lines and simple design, ECCO Shoes are inspired by a “form follows function” philosophy. ECCO Shoes exhibit a heavy foreign influence mainly because the company began 40years ago, not in America, but in a tiny Denmark town in southern Jutland called Bredebro. ECCO’s founder, Karl Toosbuy, began the company with a vision that prized comfort above conformity. This vision was primarily prompted by Karl’s own aching feet. He set out to create a shoe company that would craft footwear by hand and ensure that the shoe molded to the foot and not vice versa. To this day, ECCO’s main concerns are comfort and flexibility. Designs exhibit a solid Scandinavian influence that you will easily recognize by the severe shoe cuts and almost clog-like men’s shoes.

ECCO Shoes are not just for walking, however; they are laid-back, comfortable shoes that work with a range of outfits and occasions.  ECCO creates footwear that encourages one to take pleasure in the simple act of walking. Styles for women, men and kids range from weekend-ready to work-worthy, all made to be lightweight, breathable, and shock-absorbing. Even dressier slip-ons and oxfords have a low-key appearance perfect for casual days at the office and informal events. Their wide range of boots, golf shoes, boat shoes and walkers compliment any outfit. No matter what activity you pursue or what look you are going for, with a pair of ECCOs you are assured of one thing: that perfect fit.

And also, there are many more technological features added to the designs of ECCO Shoes, each of which attempts to ensure that every step you take is supported, streamlined, and spectacular. Imagine the concept of wearing shoes, not just because you have to, but because they help you!