Ear Piercings

Earlier, ear piercings were only for girls. However, now it is a unisex fashion statement. Ear piercing is a simple and nearly painless procedure that provides a way to express your personal style. These ear piercings have been popular since ages. Delicate ear piercings look very good on traditional attires as well. There are different types of ear piercings that you can opt for and add a style element to your looks.

For the first types of ear piercings; industrial piercing. An industrial piercing is also known as the scaffold piercing in Britain. It is an arrow like metal jewelry which is made to fit the upper cartilage of the ear. This piercing is unique because it requires two separate piercings, and is also one of the most painful piercing of them all. This is not a piercing meant for the ‘Do It Yourself’ enthusiasts, as it needs exact alignments and a very steady hand. Secondly, a normal gunshot will not be good enough for getting an industrial piercing, and needs a specific needle. This style of piercing has increasingly become popular among people, but must not be practiced by kids until they are adults. Then for the most common type of ear piercing; lobe piercing. This ear piercing type takes about 6 weeks to heal, in rare cases, it can take up to 10 weeks. On the other hand, orbital piercing, this is the piercing that basically consists of two ear piercings. Further a single piece of jewelry passes through both the piercings. It is similar to an industrial piercing wherein you use a single barbel that passes through the two holes. The difference basically is the jewelry used for this type of piercing. The piercing essentially consists of a single ring that passes through two holes. Also the two piercings are not as far as that in case of industrial piercing. ‘Orbital’ refers to the orbital shape made by the rings around the skin, as it passes through the two holes.

Tragus piercing is done through the lower cartilage of the ear, the one that is at the entrance of the ear canal, on the outer part of the ear. Tragus piercing generally takes 8 weeks to heal, but depending on the thickness of the cartilage, it can vary. The maximum time it takes is 16 weeks.  And one of the most popular ear piercings; helix piercing. Helix piercing, also known as pinna piercing is done on the outermost cartilage rim, the topmost part of the ear. This cartilage piercing too takes about 8 weeks to heal. Besides these types, there’s still many types of ear piercings, such as anti-tragus, conch, rook, scaffold, snug, dermal punch, auricle, etc. While it’s a common thing to see ear piercings, those piercings can still get infected if they’re not cared for properly. With a little care and attention, individuals can avoid an ear piercing infection.